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The earliest U.S. postal service was known as the Pony Express. The service consisted of equestrian fleets placed strategically across America, for the sole purpose of delivering mail.

Today, there are at least 41,920 zip codes in the United States.

The state of California has 2,611 zip codes, which is more zip codes than any other U.S. state.

The state of Rhode Island has only ninety zip codes - the least of any U.S. State.

America's most famous zip code is 90210, due to a hit TV series from the 1980s called "Beverly Hills 90210."

U.S. Postal Service vehicles have the steering wheel on the right side. This is so that drivers often don't have to leave their seats to deliver the mail.

Mail is delivered on Sunday in Loma Linda California, which has a large population of Seventh-day Adventists, whose Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday. Mail is not delivered to Loma Linda on Saturday.

ZIP codes by state increase from east to west. The lowest number is 00501 (Holtsville, New York). The highest zip code is 99950 (Ketchikan, Alaska).

America's first Postmaster General was Ben Franklin.

The United States Postal Service is America's second largest employer, with roughly 656,000 employees (America's largest employer is Walmart).

The United States Postal Service spends about a billion dollars EVERY week on salaries and benefits for its employees.

The United States Postal Service fleet has 215,625 delivery vehicles.

The United States Postal Service delivers mail to more than 150 million homes, businesses and Post Office Boxes in every U.S. state.

On average, the USPS processes about 391,000 pieces of mail every minute. That's 6,516 pieces of mail every second!

There are currently more than thirty thousand USPS Post Offices located nationwide. However, this number is dwindling with the continuing growth of digital communication.

The USPS website gets 1.3 million visitors a day, on average.

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