Word Unscrambler and Other Brain Games

Shown below are free printable Word Unscrambler and  fill-in-the-blank puzzles, featuring the names of U.S. states and major U.S. cities.

To print these out, just right click on an image and select a SAVE option from your drop-down menu. This will preserve it in your picture file. From there you simply print it out and start solving.

There are many popular word puzzle games that require nothing more than a pencil and paper. These include Ghost, Hangman, Jotto, Rebuses, and Euler's Day Off. 

Word puzzles are divided into a number of different categories, because many different types of word puzzles exist.

Categories include word unscrambler games like Scrabble and Boggle, paper and pencil games like Hangman, wordplay games like charades or Mad Libs, and quirky linguistic challenges like rebuses, palindromes, and spoonerisms.

Word puzzles are more than just a source of entertainment. This kind of diversion has been found to serve very useful educational purposes.

Most word puzzles require a well-developed vocabulary and excellent language skills. Solving word puzzles forces you to exercise these abilities, improving them through continued practice.

The Word Unscrambler puzzles shown below are Jumbles and Fill-in-the-Blanks.

Also shown here is a puzzle poem by Australian poet Graeme King. Can you find the poem with a poem?

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Word Unscrambler Puzzles


by Graeme King

I heard the thump and yelled out “D’oh!”

You’d think that a deer by now would know,

How many years have roads been there?

Still, a female deer for the pantry was rare.

Venison on the menu again, Hooray!

I imagined it with a drop of chardonnay.

Poached in a golden apricot sauce?

My son will call me a snob, of course.

A name that I hate, and he knows…

I call myself a gourmet. I suppose.

Far from a snob, I’m an average Joe,

I always seem to take it, I know,

Go along with his caustic wit

I really long to run away from it,

But to run would only ask for more

So I try a small needle in the jaw,

“The Lip” I call him, pulling a thread

of revenge, playing games with his head,

Although I can never go too far,

As he always calls me “Lah de Dah.”

Just because my wallet is blue

And always holds a C-note or two.

Following my inheritance it’s been so

Hard to show him I’m still a poor shmoe.

Every day, when it’s time for tea,

After a drink or two, to mellow me,

I argue with him, and try to jam

His signals – they charge me like a ram.

He’s a born and bred rebel, a one-way track

He’ll pick any subject that will bring us back

To the one place we always seem to go,

To tell the truth, I think he wants my dough.

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