The virus of election year


What is a Virus?

Scroll down for a thorough FAQ about Coronavirus and other flu viruses.

Arm yourself with information. Facts will set you free. 

Decide for yourself if today's news stories are factual, or sheerly hyperbolic. 

The answers to the questions below were all looked up on Google, then carefully cross-referenced with research of medical websites, encyclopedias, and the Centers for Disease Control (back in the days when the CDC was a reliable source).

The gathering of this Information also included personal discussions with no less than 4 licensed Respiratory Therapists (RTs) and/or other clinical professionals. 

Here's what you should know about this thing called a Virus, and what you might also learn about the Left, which seems to be politicizing the Coronavirus. 

This page features depressing photos of a very high traffic San Francisco neighborhood street. These photos were taken on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, around 12:30pm. 

Shown above: A popular San Francisco restaurant at lunch hour. 

virus faq

How many types of flu viruses exist? 

There are at least 320,000 different strains of cold and flu viruses known to exist.  

What does a flu Virus do? 

A flu virus can cause flu-like symptoms (such as nausea, headache, body aches, breathing trouble, etc.), just as a cold virus can cause  "common cold" symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing. 

How many people die from flu viruses each year? 

This number can only be estimated, but on average, roughly 65,000 people, worldwide, are known to die from flu or flu-like symptoms every year. 

How many people in the world died from coronavirus in 2020? 

Here are the stats from before the MSM became corrupted:

As of March 16, 2020, coronavirus was SAID TO HAVE killed about 7,100 people worldwide. That was when the Powers That Be called it a Pandemic and required people to wear masks. Refer back to the statistic in question 3 and compare. We'll wait...   

How many people have died from coronavirus in the USA this season? 

As of March 16, 2020, coronavirus had killed 80 people in the United States. All of them were elderly and/or had preexisting health conditions. People with compromised immune systems (such as the elderly) are in danger of dying if they catch ANY cold or flu virus.

Those among the elderly who don't die of flu symptoms are absolutely guaranteed to die of something else. 

Above and below: San Francisco's PRIME shopping district, at lunch hour.

Are all viruses contagious?

All viruses that cause flus and common colds are contagious. 

What is the average death rate from seasonal flu?

The average death rate from seasonal flu is about 0.1% (One Tenth of One Percent). This means the recovery rate for seasonal flu is 99.9%. In other words, only about 1 out of every 1,000 people who catch the flu will actually die from it. 

What is the average death rate from coronavirus? 

Back in March 2020, the average death rate from coronavirus was SAID TO BE about 1.4% (of people who ACTUALLY show symptoms). This would mean that coronavirus has a recovery rate of 98.6%. However, the results of Covid-19 are completely faked, and America (and the world) experienced a normal flu season for 2019-2020. 

Why are so many businesses closing and why are American people being quarantined? 

That would be anybody's guess. But we can determine from the above FACTS that there is NO "pandemic" and (correct us if we're wrong but) there seems no REAL reason to panic. 

What is a Flu Vaccine?

A Flu vaccine is a small amount of the Flu virus itself, injected directly into a person's body in hopes of boosting their immunity. In other words, a flu vaccine can ONLY ever possibly work for one particular flu virus (the one they injected into you). Often enough to be a statistic, patients develop flu symptoms right after getting a flu shot. 

Are Flu Vaccines Effective?

It is literally impossible to tell if flu vaccines are effective. Think about it. Say you get a flu shot, and then you DON'T catch the flu. How do you know the flu shot worked? Maybe you weren't gonna catch the flu anyway. Only about 10% of Americans (on average) actually show flu symptoms during any given flu season. 

This is why we can never really know if flu shots are effective. 

Much more effective are the lies and propaganda spoon fed to us by the mainstream media. 

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