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Here are some Facts About February:

  1. February is the second month of the year.
  2. It is also the shortest month, and the only month with fewer than 30 days.
  3. February has 29 days during leap years, which occur once every four years, and always during the year of the Presidential election. In other years February has 28 days.
  4. February is the only month that can pass without a full moon.
  5. American holidays in the month of February are Groundhog Day (the 2nd), Valentines Day (the 14th) and Presidents Day (the 3rd Monday of the month).
  6. In America, February is officially known as Black History Month.
  7. February's birthstone is the amethyst.

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poems for february


by Alice Meynell

Rich meanings of the prophet-Spring adorn,

Unseen, this colourless sky of folded showers,

And folded winds; no blossom in the bowers;

A poet's face asleep in this grey morn.

Now in the midst of the old world forlorn 

A mystic child is set in these still hours.

I keep this time, even before the flowers,

Sacred to all the young and the unborn.


by Henry Wadsowrth Longfellow

The day is ending,

The night is descending;

The marsh is frozen,

The river dead.

Through clouds like ashes

The red sun flashes

On village windows

That glimmer red.


by Charles Swinburne

Wan February with weeping cheer,

Whose cold hand guides the youngling year

Down misty roads of mire and rime,

Before thy pale and fitful face

The shrill wind shifts the clouds apace

Through skies the morning scarce may climb.

Thine eyes are thick with heavy tears,

But lit with hopes that light the year's.

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