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Most USA jobs (and among the easiest to get) are sales jobs. Here are some descriptions and web addresses of websites (other than craigslist) that list all kinds of sales jobs, all over America.

All these sites offer free membership to job seekers, and allow you to post your resume. You can select jobs by state, and also by other features.

Just copy and paste any of the pages mentioned below onto your address bar and hit enter.

Good Luck in your search! 


top 5 websites for sales jobs

For computer-related sales jobs, is a good place to begin looking. To view a complete listing of their sales jobs, go to their website. is a site built exclusively for software sales people seeking USA Jobs. Go to this page and search by state.

Go to to select from "the best sales and marketing opportunities worldwide." To find the right sales job for you, try this page. calls itself the largest career site for sales jobs. Search by keyword, industry, or state by visiting this web page address: offers career training and employment opportunities of all kinds. Visit the website to see an extensive list of sales positions in all 50 states.


Ten USA Jobs Becoming Obsolete

1. Farmers and Ranchers

This occupation is expected to lose a quarter million jobs by 2012. The long-term trend toward consolidation of farms into fewer and larger farms is expected to continue displacing small independent farmers.

2. Sewing Machine Operators/ Textile Knitting and Weaving Machine Tenders

Increasing imports, the use of offshore assembly and greater productivity through new automation will contribute to additional job losses.

3. Word Processors and Data-Entry Keyers

This sector is expected to decline due to the proliferation of personal computers.

4. Stock Clerks and Order Fillers

The growing use of computers for inventory control and the installation of new, automated equipment are expected to inhibit growth in demand for this kind of work.

5. Secretaries (Except Legal, Medical and Executive)

Professionals and managers increasingly do their own word processing and data entry, and handle much of their own correspondence rather than submit the work to secretaries and other support staff. 

6. Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

Automated machinery is increasingly used to perform work more economically and more efficiently.

7. Computer Operators

Systems have become much more user-friendly, greatly reducing the need for professional computer operators.

8. Telephone Operators

Developments in communications technologies continue to have a significant impact on the demand for switchboard operators.

9. Mail Sorters and Processing-Machine Operators

The demand for such clerks will be offset by the use of electronic communications technologies and private delivery companies.

10. Travel Agents

Increasing self-reliance to book via the Internet continues to reduce the need for travel agents. Also, airlines no longer pay commissions to travel agencies. 

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