US Time Zone Map and Facts About America

Shown below is a US Time Zone Map depicting time zones within the continental United States.

The four United States time zones are Eastern Standard Time (EST) for the northeast, southeast and mid-Atlantic regions, Central Standard Time (CST) for the Midwestern states, Mountain Standard Time (MST) for the western states, and Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the western coastal regions.

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Here's a very basic definition of GEOGRAPHY:

Geography is the study of the earth and its features, such as terrain, area measurements, and climate.

The word Geography comes from two Greek words that mean "to describe the earth." A very closely related topic is Cartography, the study and creation of maps.

Geography is divided into two main branches; human geography and physical geography.

However, there's also a smaller branch of study known as regional geography, which aims to understand or define the physical characteristics of a particular area, like the United States of America for instance.

The United States has a wide range of geographical features. These include arid deserts in the west, tropical rainforests in Hawaii (not to mention Washington state), the geographically unique Florida Everglades, and the frozen tundras of Alaska, to name only a few.

facts about us geography

  • On a typical weekday, 6.7 million people commute to Manhattan.
  • The U.S. state of Texas is one third the size of Greenland.
  • Disney World in Orlando Florida is twice the size of Manhattan.
  • Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee.
  • Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (in New Orleans, Louisiana) is the world's longest bridge. It spans nearly 24 miles.
  • The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Canada-United States border is the world's longest International border. It spans almost four thousand miles.
  • The Great Lakes contain six quadrillion gallons of fresh water, accounting for twenty percent of the world's entire supply of fresh surface water.

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simple US Time Zone Map

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