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This page features a US Map With States and a California population density map.

Here are some facts about the population of the state of California, according to public records available from the United States Census Bureau.

  • The state of California had a population of nearly 39.8 million people as of 2020.
  • Roughly twenty-seven percent (27%) of California's residents are under the age of eighteen, and roughly eleven percent (11%) are age 65 or older.
  • More than three quarters (about 77%) of the state's population is white, with the National average at more than eighty percent (80%).
  • Roughly thirty-five percent (35%) of California residents identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino. The National average is just over fourteen percent (14.4%).
  • Less than seven percent (<7%) of California residents identify themselves as black. The National average is approximately thirteen percent (13%).
  • About twelve percent (12%) of people living in the state of California are Asian (the National average is around four percent - 4%).
  • Roughly 1.2% of California residents are Native American (very near the national average).
  • California's population density averages about 217 people per square mile. 

The Census Bureau gathers national demographic and economic data regarding people who live in the United States. This data is often used for research, reports, and statistical analyses.

Federal, state, local, and tribal governments use census data to make decisions regarding issues like the location of new housing and public facilities, the demographic characteristics of communities, the planning of transportation systems, and the creation of adequately staffed police and fire precincts.

Shown below is a population density map representing the state of California. This info is based on data recently collected by the United States Census Bureau.

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