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The fun, clickable photo quiz on this page depicts main streets, down towns and business or commercial districts from various cities all over America. How many cities can you guess correctly? Click on the links shown to learn more.  

The word "Downtown" generally refers to a city's central commercial business district. The term originated in New York City, whose first settlement was at the southern tip of Manhattan. Everything north of there was referred to as "Uptown," in accordance with the standard directions on a physical map.

Can you guess which state each photo below represents? Can you tell which city?

That's okay. Neither can most of the rest of us.

Some of these places are rather obscure, while others are more well known. These city street scenes were selected based on population density, commercial activity, and visual appeal. However, if you still feel like guessing, hints are provided here. 

Visit any of the links shown at the bottom of this page for more visual quizzes, maps, charts, calendars and other info. You'll also find here a link to a table showing the distances between 48 major United States cities.

Pictured Above: This City is a popular University Town, and the official home of America's largest annual Shakespeare Festival.

Shown BelowThis City is on an island where motor vehicles are strictly prohibited, and every commercial building is historically preserved.

Further below: This City is conveniently situated between Dallas and Houston, and is a fun place to stop on your way from one to the other.

Shown above:  This City consists mostly of live-work lofts and a thriving corporate business district. It is ideally located very near San Francisco.

Shown below:  This City is a "hidden gem" of a town, somewhere in Orange County, this town has a nice walkable downtown that's fun to visit.

Further below: This City is a funky, artsy beach town within walking distance of Santa Monica. Features psychics, skaters, world class sand sculptures and eccentric street performers.

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