United States Holidays

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NEW YEARS EVE  - This page provides a summary of the origin of New Years Eve, as well as a selection of holiday party themes and cool clip art images.

CHINESE NEW YEAR  This page gives brief descriptions and bright depictions of Eastern Zodiac signs, as well as a romantic compatibility chart and a brief summary of the Chinese New Year.

VALENTINES DAY  Visit this link for a summary of Valentines Day history, plus related symbols and a bright selection of free printable Valentine clip art.

FUNNY VALENTINES  Enjoy a fun collection of the world's least romantic rhyming couplets ever written since the dawn of man.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY - This page features fun recipes for cakes, pies, appetizers, green smoothies and other free printable Irish recipes with a Saint Paddy's Day theme. 

APRIL FOOL'S DAY offers a handy selection of popular pranks to play on your friends (not to mention enemies).

EASTER WALLPAPER provides a description of the holidays known as Easter and Passover, along with Easter themed wallpapers and Easter themed clip art designs.

EASTER AMERICANA This page features even more Easter designs, and also some fun crafts for kids. 

EASTER COLORING PAGES - Here's where you'll find bunnies, baskets and colored eggs.  Get the picture?




MOTHERS DAY - Tribal tattoos and other great gift ideas for mom.

MEMORIAL DAY - A brief summary of the origin of the Federal holiday known as Memorial Day, along with a short collection of poems with a Memorial Day theme.


INDEPENDENCE DAY - This page briefly describes the history of the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day.  Also find here free printable fireworks and other cool clip art designs.

HALLOWEEN - A summary of the history of Halloween, plus related symbols, poetry, creative costumes and party ideas.

EASY HALLOWEEN RECIPES - A weird collection of creepy holiday treats that taste a whole lot better than they look.

THANKSGIVING - The most traditional of United States Holidays. This year, why not learn how to cook a juicy, tender Deep Fry Turkey?

CHRISTMAS - This page features seasonal holiday wallpaper, colorful clip art designs, and a good strong dose of Holiday cheer.

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