Unique Father Day Gifts and Graduation Greetings

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Shown below are some free printable graduation greeting cards. But first, here are some... 


  1. The most popular graduation gift is money.
  2. The most popular graduation ceremony is high school graduation.
  3. The average high school graduate in America receives 17.5 graduation greeting cards.
  4. The average college graduate receives 7.5 graduation cards. 
  5. America's latest graduating class consists of nearly 5 million graduates. 
  6. More than 2.9 million are high school graduates;
  7. About 1.3 million are college undergraduates;
  8. More than 465,000 have obtained Master's degrees.
  9. Approximately 45,000 have obtained doctorates or PhD degrees.
  10. Not included in these numbers are pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary graduations, as well as middle-school.
  11. Though most graduations occur in June, Nursing, G.E.D., and Technical School graduations are held throughout the year.
  12. An estimated 79 million graduation announcements, invitations, and cards will be sent this year, making graduations the sixth largest card sending occasion in the United States. 

To print the above graduation greeting card, just right click on the image, select SAVE from your drop-down menu, and save the image to your picture file for future use.

When you are ready to print it out on your favorite card stationery, you might want to select PAGE SETUP from your FILE menu first, in case you need to reduce the margins, enlarge the image, or select "landscape" for the paper orientation.

Print the top image first. This will be the outside of your card. Then print the next image on the other side of the page.

Fold the card carefully in half, and you're done.

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