Trippy Art from All Over America

Scroll down to view a fine collection of Trippy Art from the south eastern region of the United States. 


The images shown here represent a mixture of classical and contemporary art, from artists who inhabit those states. 

These images were selected for their ability to capture the universal "flavor" of the particular state they represent, as well as for the "trippiness" of their artistic stylings. 

Some of these images may contain links. If so, click the image to visit the link and learn more about the superbly talented artist who created it. 

The U.S. states represented within this section include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

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Here is a totally trippy indie rock band poster for an group from Alabama called Alabama Shakes

image credit: 



Check out this funky house in Arkansas, painted liberally with trippy colors.

image credit:



This water color painting of an alligator (or is it a croc?) was created by Florida artist Kathleen Maling.

image credit:



Shown below is a very trippy wall mural in Atlanta, created by Felipe Pantone.

image credit:



Cumberland Falls, Kentucky features the only moon bow in the Western Hemisphere.

How trippy is that? Many a fine work of art has used this scene for inspiration.

image credit:



This luscious, textural oil painting is called "Magazine Street Revival."

It's a beautiful, colorful depiction of New Orleans by Diane Millsap

image credit:



This appears to be a poster advertising the state of Mississippi. The artist's name is on the lower right.

image credit:



This eye-stretching work of psychedelic art depicts a sunflower field in Eastern Tennessee. The artist is unknown.

image credit:

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