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Or scroll down this page to view a very cool collection of tattoos that pay tribute to the USA, or to a particular U.S. state.

You can expand on or modify the images below to create your own unique, personalized tattoo designs. Just right click on any image and save it to your picture file for future use. From there you can reduce, enlarge and (especially) redesign it as needed before printing. 

The tattoos shown below are the permanent kind, but temporary tattoos are fast growing in popularity, as they have many clear advantages over permanent tattoos.

Temp tattoos are painless, fast, and a lot less expensive than permanent tattoos. They also allow for more experimentation and creative freedom, as unwanted designs can be easily removed.

A real tattoo is a permanent marking made on the skin by an inked needle. The needle is used for injecting ink into the first few layers of skin. This procedure permanently changes the skin's color. 

Permanent tattoos can only be removed without leaving scars by way of laser surgery. 

Tattooing has been practiced all over the world since prehistoric times.

Tattoos have served many cultural and symbolic purposes, such as rites of passage, marks of status, or indicators of religious and spiritual devotion.

The symbolism and emotional impact associated with tattoos varies in different places at different times.

Today in America, most people who choose to be tattooed do so for cosmetic or artistic reasons, or to symbolize their identification with particular groups.

For whatever the reasons, body art has reached mainstream popularity in today's American culture.

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