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There are never less than a dozen people playing Tarot Card Games in the carnival-like atmosphere of the oceanfront boardwalk at Venice Beach, California.

One of America's most crowded beaches, Venice Beach is a major Los Angeles area tourist attraction, and has always been known as a hangout for various fun-loving eccentrics.

Just about anyone with an entrepeneurial spirit can set up shop on the sidewalk. So the Boardwalk is alive with colorful street performers, souvenir vendors, painters, sand sculptors, poets, and of course tourists.

The area also features several handball courts, paddle tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, a skate dancing plaza and a bike trail, as well as many interesting local shops and businesses. However, many people go there just to hand out on the warm sandy beach.

The ever-popular Santa Monica pier is located only four miles from Venice Beach.

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Tarot Card Games are often used as a divination technique.  People believed to be psychic are often very good at reading tarot cards.


There are 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck. Fifty-six of the cards appear in any of four suits. The suits of a tarot deck are most often represented as Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins (sometimes known as Pentacles). These cards represent things that happen and thoughts that occur. The other twenty-two cards of the tarot deck represent vices and virtues.

The 56 cards in the tarot deck that represent people and events are numbered Ace through Ten, plus one of each "face card" - Page, Knight, Queen and King. Each suit contains fourteen cards altogether.

The other 22 cards represent vices, virtues and spiritual realities. These cards are numbered from zero to 21.


To print this tarot deck, just right click on each of the images and select a save option from your drop down menu. This will save the images to your picture file, where you can reduce or enlarge them and adjust the page margins as needed.

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