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August is the eighth month of the year, and has 31 days. August is the only month with no major American holidays.

The first week of August is "Indian Week" for the Penobscot Tribe in Old Town, Maine.

Throughout the United States, August is known as National Back to School month, Black Business Month, Inventors' Month, and National Goat Cheese Month.

Popular annual events in August include the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota, as well as many State Fairs nationwide.

The official birthstone for the month of August is the Peridot.

Below is a poem about August. For calendars, summer recipes, clipart, coloring pages, and other fun stuff about August, click any of the links shown below.


by Derek Walcott

So much rain, so much life like the swollen sky

of this black August. My sister, the sun,

broods in her yellow room and won't come out.

Everything goes to hell; the mountains fume 

like a kettle, rivers overrun; still,

she will not rise and turn off the rain.

She is in her room, fondling old things,

my poems, turning her album. Even if thunder falls

like a crash of plates from the sky,

she does not come out.

Don't you know I love you but am hopeless

at fixing the rain ? But I am learning slowly

to love the dark days, the steaming hills,

the air with gossiping mosquitoes,

and to sip the medicine of bitterness,

so that when you emerge, my sister,

parting the beads of the rain,

with your forehead of flowers and eyes of forgiveness,

all with not be as it was, but it will be true

(you see they will not let me love

as I want), because, my sister, then

I would have learnt to love black days like bright ones,

The black rain, the white hills, when once

I loved only my happiness and you.

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