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Sudoku Puzzles to Print

Scroll down for some original Sudoku Puzzles to Print.

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Sudoku is a number puzzle that requires logical thinking. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 regions contains numbers from 1 to 9 only one time each. The puzzle starts with a partially completed grid.

The Sudoku puzzle was invented by an American architect, Howard Garns, in 1979. But it first became popular in Japan in the mid 80s. Sudoku is the Japanese word for "single digit."

The first World Sudoku Championship was held in Lucca, Italy in 2006. The winner was Jana Tylova of the Czech Republic.

The first puzzle shown here is relatively easy, the second one is harder, and the third is the most difficult.

WARNING: Once you get the hang of it, these puzzles are addictive. America loves sudoku!

Check back often for new sudoku challenges. 

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sudoku puzzle #1

five fast facts about sudoku puzzles

  1. The word "Sudoku" comes from the Japanese words 'Su', meaning number, and 'doku', meaning single.
  2. The Sudoku puzzle was originally called "Number Place." 
  3. An Australian drug-related trial ended when it was discovered that a number of the jurors had been playing Sudoku instead of listening to the evidence.
  4. Within two weeks of the Apple iTunes app store opening in 2008, there were nearly 30 different Sudoku game apps available to the public.
  5. The first World Sudoku Championship was held in Lucca, Italy in 2006.

sudoku puzzle #2

sudoku puzzle #3

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