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Below are five ways NOT to go to work in Arizona.

All you need to get started making money from home is creativity and a strong work ethic. In some cases, you also need a good laptop, internet access, and in many cases, a small financial investment.


Five Ways to Start Home Based Business operations in arizona

1. Sell Stuff. Probably the best places to sell almost anything are ebay, etsy, and amazon.

Sellers regularly purchase good-as-new supplies and merchandise from garage sales, thrift stores, and wholesale factory outlets.

Popular discount factory outlets in the state of Arizona include:

  • Arizona Inventory Specialists in Mesa carries all sorts of closeout items. Call 480-570-8617.
  • Arizona Mills Outlet mall in Tempe has 158 stores.
  • Phoenix Premium Outlets in Chandler has 92 stores.
  • The Outlets at Casa Grande has 26 wholesalers to choose from.
  • Fabtech, also in Mesa, carries cut-rate consumer electronics. Call 480-813-7280
  • Bullseye Wholesale in Chandler carries closeouts of all sizes. Call 480-306-6135.
  • Outlets at Anthem in Phoenix has 64 stores.
  • Paint 4 Less and More in Phoenix. Call 602-314-8188.

2. Scan Craigslist every day. Click on your city and/or surrounding areas. Then click on Jobs.  Next, check the box that says Telecommute, and hit Enter.

Apply for all jobs that apply to you.  Prepare a well crafted introductory letter.  Write a Professional Resume.

3. Contact Large Corporations. Big businesses have many employees working from home these days, as doing this saves the business money.

Among the most common ways to Start Home Based Business operations in America are phone reception, product sales, product promotion, accounting, data entry, and research.

Here are some of Arizona's largest employers:

The State Government employs more than 50,000 people.

Walmart Stores supports approximately 30,000 Arizona workers.

Banner Health, based in Phoenix, employs more than 25,000 people.

Other major Arizona employers are Home Depot Stores, Honeywell International, Wells Fargo Bank, Intel Corporation, and many more. 

On a National level, contact the websites of businesses relevant to your skill set or area of expertise.   

4. Build a Website. This is probably the most important way to Start Home Based Business operations. It draws customers to your business while also making money from strategically placed ads.

Learning how to build a successful website takes time. People who don't have time to build websites often pay others to build them.

If you do have another person build your website, Google the contractor first to see what previous customers think. 

5. Be a local freelance independent contractor. There are many ways to start home based business operations in your area by becoming an independent contractor. Some contracting positions require minimal skills. Simple, self-startable businesses in the state of Arizona include (to name a few)

  • At-home Childcare
  • At-Home Elder care
  • Errands / Home Delivery
  • Dog Walking / Pet Sitting
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Housework / Yard Work / Gardening
  • After School Workshops

Places to advertise your services include craigslist, ebay, personal websites, and social networking sites, among others.

Create a resume and a well-written introductory letter, targeted to potential clients. Copy-paste the same letter to each message, and attach a resume.

Further increase your chances of success by also doing things the old-fashioned way, like posting paper signs and talking to your neighbors, for instance.

Over time, your home based business can grow into a hugely successful enterprise.

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