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The photo on the quiz page shows Day One of the Annual International Snow Sculpture Championships, held each January in Breckenridge, Colorado. 

 The Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships began in 1990. By 2009, teams were arriving from China, Japan, Spain, Holland and many other countries to participate in the competition.  


Pictured here are winning sculptures from previous years, along with several more ordinary snowmen you'll find quite charming.


In the Breckenridge competition, talented teams of fine artists from all around the world compete by carving twenty-ton, 12-foot-tall blocks of hard-packed snow into breath taking works of art, using nothing more than their own two hands, hand held tools, imagination and artistic vision. Each team of four people carves a unique sculpture. The finished work often depicts the culture or heritage of its creators.


Only hand held tools are permitted in the Breckenridge competition - no power tools, heavy machinery, or colorants or any kind are allowed.


Needless to say, the sculptures don't last very long once the sun comes out. But the finished works of art, as long as they last, are quite an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Each finished snow sculpture presents a sad but stunningly beautiful tribute to the temporary nature of art.



Other major annual snow sculpturing events in the United States include the Michigan Tech Winter Carnival and the United States National Snow Sculpting Competition in Wisconsin.

Who knew fine arts was a spectator sport? Snow sculptures tend to be large, so they are usually created outdoors in full view of the general public. This makes the event an entertaining mix of sculptural display and performance art.


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