America's Smallest Towns

Welcome to America's smallest towns.

Scroll all the way down for access to free zip code maps and a list of US Post Office locations in major cities. Shown below is a list of the population by state of the smallest zip codes in America.

Towns go by many different names, depending on things like political structure, population, location and land area. Other names for towns include cities, municipalities, boroughs, villages, townships, and plantations. Unincorporated towns are sometimes called hamlets. All of these terms are referred to collectively as "census-designated places" (CDP).

A town is like a city, only smaller, and usually has elected officials, such as a mayor. But old towns die hard, and some of America's smallest towns have actually reached a population of zero before becoming officially disincorporated.

Since exact definitions are a matter of debate, let's say, for the sake of this page, that an incorporated town is a town with its own zip code, and at least one permanent resident.

Below is a list of states, with the name, population (as of the 2010 census), and zip code of the smallest incorporated town in each state.

America's Smallest Towns

STATE                 TOWN            POP.          ZIP

ALABAMA             Oak Hill            28            36766

ALASKA               Willow Creek    201            99573

ARIZONA             Tortilla Flat          6            85290

ARKANSAS           Gilbert              33           72636

CALIFORNIA         Ryde                 40           95680

COLORADO        Bonanza             12               81155

CONNECTICUT   Groton Long Pt   667              06340

DELAWARE        Farmington          75              19950

FLORIDA           Weeki Wachee       8               34610

GEORGIA          Riverside             74               31768

HAWAII            Kalawao             147               n/a

IDAHO              Murphy               50               83650

ILLINOIS           Valley City          23               62340

INDIANA           Boston              133               47324

IOWA               Beaconsfield        11               50074

KANSAS            Freeport               6               67049

KENTUCKY        Dycusburg           39              42037

LOUISIANA       Mound                 12              71282

MAINE              Centerville           20              04623

MARYLAND       Glen Echo           242              20812

MASSACHUSETTS   Gosnold          86              02713

MICHIGAN          Omer         337           48749

MINNESOTA       Tenney           7           56583

MISSISSIPPI      Golden        201           38847

MISSOURI         Arrow Rock    79           65320

MONTANA          Bearcreek     83           59007

NEBRASKA         Monowi          1           68746

Monowi, Nebraska is officially known as America's smallest town. The population of Monowi is pictured below. 

NEVADA                  Hiko                 151     89017

NEW HAMPSHIRE     Harts Location    37     03812

NEW JERSEY            Teterboro           18      07608

NEW MEXICO           Grenville            25      88424

NEW YORK              Sherrill            3147     13461

NORTH CAROLINA    Love Valley          33     28677

NORTH DAKOTA       Amidon               26     58620

OHIO                      Venedocia          160     45894

OKLAHOMA             Avard                  26     73860

OREGON                 Granite                24     97877

PENNSYLVANIA         Centralia               12        17921

RHODE ISLAND         New Shoreham   1010       02807

SOUTH CAROLINA     Tatum                   40       29594

SOUTH DAKOTA        Hillsview                 3        57437

TENNESSEE              Slayden               185        37165

TEXAS                      Impact                  39        79603

UTAH                       Dutch John           150        84023

VERMONT                 Granby                  86        05840

VIRGINIA                Grottoes           4              24441

WASHINGTON         Krupp              60              98832

WEST VIRGINIA      Berkeley Spr   663             25411

WISCONSIN            Yuba               92              54634

WYOMING              Lost Springs       1              82224

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