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Learn how to make money make money.  In other words, here's how to make the money you need to get started, and how to use that money to make more money.

Work smarter, not harder.

What follows is a list of work-from-home strategies, along with dozens of solid business start up plans, guaranteed to earn you money.

Also included is he approximate Small Business Financial Planning investment required to embark on various businesses.

All it takes is a smart idea, a dash of Small Business Financial Planning, and a small financial investment.

Simply follow these few easy steps:

How to Make Money Make Money

Step 1:  

Get a job.  Any job.  Save some money for starting your business.  The money you save is called investment capital.  

Step 2: 

Get an idea.  Brainstorm a workable plan for your hard-earned investment capital.  

Step 3:  

Put your business plan into effect.  

Warren Buffet, the billionaire also known as the Oracle of Omaha, earned his first investment capital by having a paper route when he was 12 years old.  He delivered newspapers door to door until he had saved $25.  

Then he had an idea.

He found a broken pinball machine and offered the owner $15 for it.  Then he paid a mechanically inclined friend from school $10 to fix the machine.  Then he hauled it over to the local laundromat, and offered the laundromat owner 10 percent of his earnings from the machine.

After that, Warren's only job was to show up once a day with a bag, and scoop all the money from the pinball machine into the bag.  

That's how Warren Buffet turned a $25 investment into a $25-a-day business.  And this was way back in the 1940s.  

All it takes is a bright idea.  

Need a work from home job?  

Visit the "Jobs" section and the "Gigs" section on craigslist at least once a day.  

Simply go to and click on JOBS (or GIGS) in and around your area.  Also search other areas, if your goal is telecommuting.  Explore all feasible employment options.

Always include a concise, well written, error-free cover letter and a Professional Resume.

Probably the most important way to make money make money is to build your own website.

A well built, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website encourages visitor traffic and earns money from ads.  

Building your own website should cost no more than $300 a year, and should yield hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars every month in ad revenue.

Small Business Financial Planning

If you start a lawn mowing business, you'll probably need a lawn mower.  If you are a freelance mechanic, you may need tools.  You will also need to factor in transportation costs, mobile phone bills, and all other expenses.

Here are some Small Business Financial Planning ideas.  Pick your favorite idea and create a budget for starting that business.  Write down anything you'll need to get started.  If you can't afford computer and internet access, no worries.  These are available for free at local libraries.  

However, you will probably need a reliable phone and an email address.  

Administrative Services

Database Management

Business Planning

Event Planning


Website Design

Graphic Design

Game Design

Inside Sales

Internet Research

At-home Childcare

At-Home Elder care

Errands and Transportation Services

Dog Walking / Pet Sitting


Yard Work / Gardening

Maintenance & Repair Services

After School Workshops

Adult Craft Workshops



Tax Preparation

Real Estate Investing

Paid Research Studies

Paid Online Surveys

Advertise your skills and services on craigslist, ebay, and your own website (You did build one, right?), as well as social networks, blogs, forums, and any other places online you can think of.  

Offline, you can post physical signs on community bulletin boards, and/or join local community groups to help with networking.

Also, set up your own "Home Office."  This is merely a workspace set aside for business purposes only.  It doesn't have to be in your home.  Your personal work space could be a local library or a cafe.  

No matter which business idea you choose, consistency, a healthy dose of creativity, and a dash of investment capital are the main ingredients to success.

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