Short Funny Jokes and More

Welcome to the fun page. This page provides links to short funny jokes, quotable quotes, colorful photos, quick and clever craft ideas, assorted free printable items and all kinds of other cool stuff.

For more fun stuff to do, visit any of the links shown on this page. This page is continually being updated, so check back often.

other printable stuff

PAPER MACHE CRAFTS This page provides an unlimited wealth of craft ideas using one very simple and very ancient crafting technique.

FREE PRINTABLES This link takes you to a page featuring dozens of free printable items like maps, certificates, coloring pages, worksheets, tattoos, calendars, clip art and more. Unlimited printability guaranteed!

MORE PRINTABLE ITEMS This link leads to another website featuring hundreds of assorted free printable items from many different subject categories. View and print lists, maps, certificates, coloring pages, worksheets, calendars, tattoo designs, recipes, clipart and more. Unlimited printability guaranteed!

Short Funny Jokes

SHORT FUNNY JOKES is a page containing ten of the funniest short jokes ever told. Whether or not these are funny to you now, trust us, they were funny at the time.

MORE SHORT FUNNY STUFF This page provides you with a list of jokes, poems and funny quotes pertaining to particular states. The jokes are more or less clean, and are all in the spirit fun. However, If you are one of those easily offended types, don't click here.

POLITICAL CARTOON GALLERY is a cute selection of fairly recent political cartoons featuring Obama, as well as a few older classics. This page also features an up-to-date, state-by-state list of United States Senators.

FUNNY QUOTES This link will bring you to a list of actual stupid questions asked by grown men and women about every state. You'll get a kick out of these. We did NOT make them up. 

FUNNY PICTURES This fun page displays a funny selection of free printable photos, wallpaper, and other humorous images. Each of these images is designed with a distinctive USA motif. 


other useful links

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