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Shipping Container Homes are pretty much what the name suggests - living spaces made from shipping containers.  This is a good way to save money and space, but the costs of renovating a shipping container can really add up.


All over America, cargo container architecture is quickly catching on. Much of the technology involved in this process is still in the conceptual stage. However, quite a few finished projects lie scattered throught the U.S. Existing examples of container architecture tend to be a hybrid blend of steel shipping containers and traditional stick-built construction components like steel beams and utility hookups.

Shown above: A self-sufficient private residence and photo studio made from six shipping containers and numerous steel beams for support: Joshua Tree, California. Architect: Walter Scott Perry, Ecotech Design.

Shown below: Romantic lighting softens the industrial edges of this sparkling home made of shipping containers. This house is located in Redondo Beach, California, where it is a popular roadside attraction for passing tourists. Architect: DeMaria Design Associates.

Below: A shipping container home in Santa Cruz, California. 

More Shipping Container Homes

Shown above: This cleverly constructed architectural design is an experimental retail store that toured America. The space was made from 24 cargo containers, and came apart in pieces for easy transport.

Shown below is a cargo container professional complex in Providence, Rhode Island. Each fully equipped, efficiently designed unit can be useful as an office space or an art studio, among other things.

Below that is one of the Shipping Container Homes designed by a company that really knows how to practice what they preach: This flamboyantly designed work of industrial art is the sales office of a real estate business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, whose aim is to build apartments and office buildings that look like this, made from the same materials - shipping containers.

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Shown below: They say everything's BIG in Texas. Guess again. Designed by Potee Architects, this charming little container guest house is nestled in a suburban back yard somewhere in San Antonio, Texas.

Fully loaded with all utilities present, this cozy getaway provides 160 square feet of down home comfort.

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Below: Speaking of containers, the Longaberger Building in Newark, Ohio looks like a giant Picnic Basket. 


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