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This page features recent info regarding car insurance in the state of Delaware. Read on to find the Delaware car insurance plan that works for you. 

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Average Auto Insurance Rates

The Average Annual Car Insurance premium in Delaware last year was about $1,607, which is quite a bit over the national average of $1,347. 

This is probably because Delaware has a denser population than most U.S. states, which may account for the slightly higher than average annual premiums on auto insurance.

Actuaries calculate car insurance premiums based on factors like local weather, topography, economy, crime rates, and population density, to name just a few of the variables involved.

Other influences on annual premiums are personal demographics like the driver's age, gender, criminal record, household status, marital status, driving history, and car model, for instance.

Penalties for Uninsured Drivers

Getting caught driving without car insurance in Delaware results in a fine of $1,500 for a first offense. Repeat violations incur fines of up to $3,000, and a suspended license for six months.

Minimum Coverage for Delaware Car Insurance

The minimum state-mandated auto insurance for each owned vehicle in Delaware is 15/30/10.

This means that Delaware drivers must buy $15,000 in coverage for personal injury, $30,000 in coverage against death or injury to others, and $10,000 of insurance to cover property damage.

Still, these amounts are usually not enough to cover the entire cost of an accident. Many Delaware car owners with minimum coverage end up paying large out of pocket expenses. 

In fact, insurance analysts recommend 100/300 in injury coverage for each vehicle owned in America. Obtain a quick car insurance quote for these coverage amounts. 

Discount Car Insurance

Auto insurance carriers in Delaware and most other states offer discounts on insurance premiums to promote smart driving habits. Here are just a few of the discounts offered: 

  • The Defensive Driving Course Discount is for drivers 55 and above who successfully complete an approved accident prevention course.
  • The Accident-Free Discount is available to drivers who avoid accidents for three years.
  • The Good Student Discount is offered to full time students with good grades.
  • The Multiple Auto Discount is for owners of more than one vehicle.
  • The Multiple Policy Discount is offered for the purchase of more than one insurance policy.
  • The Passive Restraint Discount applies to vehicles equipped with special safety features.

Whenever you call for a quick car insurance quote, be sure to ask about the discounts.

Quick Car Insurance Quote in Delaware

According to recent consumer reports, the top car insurance companies in Delaware are Allstate, The Hartford, State Farm and 21st Century, in that order.

Other insurance carriers popular in Delaware include Liberty Mutual and Travelers Insurance. Regional carriers are also an option. 

Call five or six local insurance agents for competitive quotes on auto insurance. Compare quotes to find the cheapest rate. 

Above all, ask about those discounts.

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