Printable Christmas Cards and American Fine Art

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Print out Terry Redlin's Winter Wonderland or the Wisconsin Christmas photo to create your own Christmas cards, or see the link at the bottom of this page for more Christmas greetings. 

The images shown here can be used for any number of fun craft projects.

Below is a visual list of midwestern states, featuring some of America's best fine art.

These images represent a mixture of classical and contemporary art. They were selected for their ability to capture the universal "flavor" of a particular state.

Some of these images contain links. Click an image to learn more about the superbly talented artist who created it.

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free Printable Christmas Cards


by Vangobot

The Chicago scene shown above is by Vangobot, titled "Cityscape and Reflections in a Glass Building."


by Paul Turner Sargent

Above: Paul Turner Sargent (1880-1946) was an Illinois artist known for his colorful paintings of local landscapes. 

Below: Grant Wood created two of the paintings shown on this page. The piece shown below, American Gothic, is by far his most famous work of art. Below that is an Iowa farm scene by the same artist.


by Grant Wood


"Storm Brewing"

by Ron Doyle


"Whitecaps on Lake Michigan"

by Michelle Calkins

Above:  Michelle Calkins is a professional fine artist from Holland Michigan. Her influences are "Edward Hopper,

Andy Goldsworthy, ants, snails, and people who paint things on the head of a pin."




"Winter Wonder Land"

by Terry Redlin

Above:  Terry Redlin is a MASTER artist, world renowned for his stunning paintings of outdoor scenes and local wildlife.

Terry Redlin is from Watertown, South Dakota.


Above: Christmas In Wisconsin

image credit:

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