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Pictures of Rhode Island

Above: An aerial view of Rhode Island.


Scroll down for a gallery of stunning images of the state of Rhode Island.

Learn many interesting facts about our nation's smallest state.

View some of Rhode Island's most popular destinations. 

facts about Rhode Island

1. The official state flower of Rhode Island is the Violet.

2. The official state tree of Rhode Island is the Red Maple.

3. The official state bird of Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Red hen.

4. Rhode Island is home to 9 State Parks. 

5. The state of Rhode Island is divided into four geographical regions: North, Central, South, and Newport. 

6. The five largest cities in Rhode Island (by population size) are Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket and East Providence, in that order.

7. Rhode Island has 6 universities.

8. Rhode Island is named after a cluster of Greek islands called Rhodes.

9. The Narragansett people were a Native American Indian tribe based in what is now the state of Rhode Island.

Above: Picture of Aquidneck Island.  


Rhode Island universities

Brown University in Providence

Bryant University in Smithfield

Johnson & Wales University in Providence

Roger Williams University in Bristol

Salve Regina University in Newport

University of Rhode Island in Kingston

Below: Sunrise over Barrington.



Beavertail State Park

Brenton Point State Park

Colt State Park

Fort Adams State Park

Fort Wetherill State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park

Haines Memorial State Park

Lincoln Woods State Park

Snake Den State Park

Here are Rhode Island's three most popular "Rhode side" attractions:

1.  Visit the grave of a suspected vampire in Exeter. Yes, it's a lame excuse for a roadside attraction, but what the heck? Exeter's a nice town anyway.

2.  Pay a visit the world's largest termite, a building-sized creation named "Nibbles Woodaway," overseeing a pest control center in Providence.

3.  For another favorite offbeat destination, tour the sixty creepy rooms of Belcourt Castle in Newport.

More Pictures of Rhode Island

Above: Block Island.


Above: East Greenwich at sunrise.


Above: Pictures of Rhode Island: Jamestown.


Above: The seaside village of Newport.


Above: Slater Mill in Pawtucket


Above: Brown University in Providence.


Above: A view of Providence.


Above: Taylor Swift purchased this 17 million dollar mansion on Watch Hill.


Above: Sun setting over the rocky Rhode Island coastline.


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