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Or scroll down to learn how to make money from home in the state of Tennessee.

Actually, this information can generally apply to residents of any U.S. state. 


top 5 Paid Work From Home Opportunities

1. Sell Goods Online

Many self employed, work-from-home professionals in Tennessee make money by selling goods online. Among the best websites for this sort of business are ebay, etsy, craigslist, Amazon, social networking sites, and of course your own business website.

Research these websites for more information about starting your own online retail business. 

Items can be bought very cheaply and in like-new condition at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets.

You can also buy new inventory priced well below wholesale at statewide distributors and factory outlets. 

Here's a short list of wholesale distributors and factory outlet malls in Tennessee:

  • Belz Factory Outlet World in Pigeon Forge (56 stores)
  • But It Now Surplus in Mt. Pleasant
  • Crossville Outlet Center (19 stores)
  • Essex Technology Group in Nashville
  • Lebanon Premium Outlets (46 stores)
  • Opry Mills in Nashville (173 stores)
  • The Pallet Guys in Morristown
  • Shoppes at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga (8 stores)
  • Tanger Outlet in Sevierville

2. Search Craigslist

Craigslist has numerous Paid Work From Home jobs available.

Just visit the Jobs and Gigs section on craigslist every day. Apply for jobs you can do from home, if working from home is your thing.

Paid work from home jobs that do not require special skills include everything from data entry and phone work, to hand written letters and addressing envelopes.  

Be sure to include a brief, well worded intro letter and a Professional Resume with each inquiry.

3. Contact Big Businesses

Large corporations throughout the state of Tennessee have ongoing online employment opportunities.

Contact many big Tennessee businesses by visiting the career pages of their websites.

Here are 10 of the largest employers in the state of Tennessee: 

  • Access America Transport
  • Bank of Tennessee
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
  • Corrections Corporation of America
  • Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
  • Federal Express
  • Hospital Corporation of America
  • International Paper Company
  • Methodist Healthcare
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

4. Build a Website

These days, almost all Paid Work From Home careers involve a dedicated SEO website. This alone can earn hundreds of dollars in monthly revenue from well placed ads.

It is highly recommended that you build your own website using an all-inclusive website design software package. This should cost you no more than $300 per year to maintain.

5. Be an Independent Contractor

Here's a list of home based businesses popular in the state of Tennessee:

  • Administrative Services
  • Artist Representation
  • Coaching
  • Consultation
  • General Contracting Services
  • Guided Tours
  • Home Delivery
  • Internet Research
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation Services
  • Tutoring
  • Yard Work / Gardening

Start your business today. Now is a better time than ever to work from home.

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