Online classes and home schooling

This section deals with online classes and instructional materials for home schoolers in America. The materials linked below feature puzzles, quizzes, projects, and fun reading materials, while touching on many topics for teaching and learning from home.

Home schooling topics covered here include all the major subjects children might study, such as History, Math, Reading, and Social Studies, as well as fun subjects such as home crafts and culinary arts. 

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Remote schooling is appropriate for many types of students, such as advanced learners, students who wish to get a head start on their college educations, career-minded individuals, artists, creatives, and any kids who need more academic support, or a different academic environment.  

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home schooling topics


State Culture:

Alabama - facts and photos.

Alaska - towns and wilderness. No parka required.

Arizona - other-worldly landscapes.

Arkansas - state parks, cute towns and rugged back roads.

California - National Parks and secret city treasures.

Colorado - villages, vistas and vacation homes.

Connecticut - quirky destinations and fabulous hotels.

DC - Sights, facts, and hotel recommendations.

Delaware - Events and fun places to visit.

Florida - beach scenes and vacation packages.

Georgia - mountains, farmland and theme parks.

Hawaii - tropical scenes and vacation ideas.

Idaho - National parks, mountain ranges and more.

Illinois - Outdoors, inside and outside of Chicago.

Indiana - Scene-scapes, neighborhoods, universities, and more.

Iowa - Cities, universities, farmland, tornadoes. 

Kansas - Stull and other middle America towns we rarely see.

Kentucky - Thoroughbreds, blue grass, mountains, universities and more.

Louisiana - Street scenes, music, colleges and culture.

Maine - Sunsets, Light Houses, Blueberries and Lobsters - but that's not all!

Maryland - Attractions, retirement villages, ocean scenery and more.

Massachusetts - Universities, architecture and fascinating facts.

Michigan - Lakes, lakes and more lakes.  Did we mention lakes? 

Minnesota - Cities, towns and flea markets.

Mississippi - Houses, sunsets and the Mississippi River.

Missouri - Universities, Saint Louis, state parks, hiking trails and more.

Montana - Mountains, Ranch land, Reservations, the Custer Battlefield and numerous National Parks. 

Nebraska - Cities, parks, universities and roadside attractions.

Nevada - Active Retirement, golf, state parks and more.

New Hampshire - Universities, retirement villages, and everything in between.

New Jersey - Local attractions and top universities, among other things.

New Mexico - Explore enchanted landscapes and dream-worthy desert scenery.

New York - Universities, NYC, and statewide sightseeing ideas. 

North Carolina - Cities, islands, universities, demographics and more.

North Dakota - Badlands, oil fields, reservations, sunsets, Photography Art Galleries.

Ohio - State parks, universities, down towns, Amish country.

Oklahoma - Indian tribes, major cities, and other local attractions.

Oregon - Cities, universities, parks, golf, retirement villages, cloudy beaches, and seaside vacations.

Pennsylvania - Facts and photos.

Rhode Island - Sublime seaside villages and other gorgeous local landscapes. 

South Carolina - State facts and photos.

South Dakota - Casinos, badlands, Indian Reservations, towns, and unbelievable sunsets.

Tennessee - Cool homes, great cities and more.

Texas - Major metro areas, nature preserves, universities.

Utah - Warm desert landscapes and other attractions.

Vermont - Autumnal scenery, tiny towns, church steeples and more.

Virginia - Cities, universities, downtowns, beaches, sunrises.

Washington - Cities, universities, parks, rainforests, science exhibits, desert stallions and more.

West Virginia - Mountains, towns, attractions, fall foliage.

Wisconsin - Cities, universities, roadside attractions, and dramatic sky-scapes. 

Wyoming - Wolves, horse ranches, and Wild West towns. 


New Years Eve  

Chinese New Year


Valentines Day  

Funny Valentines 

St. Patrick's Day 

April Fools Day 

Easter Wallpaper 

Easter Americana 

Easter Coloring Pages 

More Easter Coloring Pages 

Easter Basket Ideas

Mother's Day 

Memorial Day 

June Holidays 

Independence Day 


Easy Halloween Recipes 

Halloween Costume Ideas

Authentic Native American Halloween Costumes



Worst Christmas Gifts Ever! 

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas classic - Yule Log: Noteworthy Events That Happened On Christmas Day

American Cultural Attractions:

Art and History Museums in every state

American Landmarks 

Annual Events Listed by State

COOL Things To Do in Every State

Miscellaneous American Culture:

Funny Photo Gallery

American Song Lyrics

Affordable Travel All Over America

What is American citizenship? 

American Symbols:

State Birds

State Mammals.

State Flowers 

State Trees 

State Mottoes 

State Flags A-K 

State Flags L-N 

State Flags O-W 

Flags of Indian Nations 

Official State Seals A-K 

Official State Seals L-N 

Official State Seals O-W  

American History

Vintage Photos of Native American People

Indian Tribes by State 

Indian Reservations by State

Native American Tribal Flags 

Native Tribes of Oklahoma

Indian territories of South Dakota 

Native Tribe in New Mexico

Tribal Tattoo Art 

American History FAQ: 

How old is the United States? 

What state was once called Franklin?

What are some interesting facts about the state of Virginia?

What are some interesting facts about Kentucky? 

When did Texas become a State?

Where was the first public library in the United States?

What is the oldest state park in America?

Who invented baseball? 

Dates Of Statehood 

State Firsts  

American Literature

State Newspapers 

Told in the Drooling Ward, by Jack London

The Ransom of Red Chief, by O. Henry

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter

Moral Stories  

Lion Tales

Aesop's Fables 

Sunflower Summer

The Problem With People

Short Sweet Love Poems 

Valentine Poems 

Friendship Poems 

Funny Poems 

Spanish Poem (with translation) 


Contemporary Poems By A Throwback Poet 

Other Poems By A Throwback Poet 

Poetic Forms 

ALL NEW Poetic Form (Take the Challenge!) 

More Poems From The Poetry-That-Doesn't-Suck Collection 

American People

Famous Native Americans 

Famous African Americans

Famous Spanish People 

List of U.S. Presidents

State Governors

State Senators 

Population By State 

Small Towns

Kids In America 

Popular American Baby Names

American Seniors 

Life Expectancy by State 

Fat and Skinny States 

State Health Rankings 

Average IQ Score By State 

American States and Cities

States/Cities Trivia/FAQ:

What is the population of California? 

What are the four largest (in population size) cities in Texas?

Which U.S. city has neighborhoods called Glen Park, Noe Valley and Nob Hill?

Which five U.S. states border the state of Georgia?

Which five U.S. states border the state of West Virginia?

Which of the following cities in Alaska is located furthest north - Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau?

Which of the following cities in Utah is located nearest to the Great Salt Lake - Ogden, Park City or Provo?

Which U.S. city forbids all motor vehicles within its boundaries?

Which famous American songwriter penned the following lyrics?  

From a town known as Wheeling West Virginia

Rode a boy with a 6 gun in his hand

And his daring life of crime

Made him a legend in his time

East and West of the Rio Grande

Which U.S. state has more farmland than any other state? 

Which U.S. state has more natural energy resources than any other U.S. state? 

Which U.S. state produces more blueberries than any other U.S. state?  

Which U.S. states is home to more public libraries than any other state? 

Which U.S. state has cities called Aberdeen, Brookings and Keystone?

Which U.S. state is bordered by only one other U.S. state?

Which U.S. city has a larger population than any other U.S. city besides New York? 

Which U.S. state has more Zip Codes than any other U.S. state?

Which U.S. state has more Indian Reservations than any other U.S. state?  

The Appalachian Trail begins and ends in which two U.S. states?

Which U.S. state is home to an average of about 27 people per square mile?

Which three U.S. states provide the best opportunities for whale watching?

Which U.S. state produces more diamonds than any other U.S. state?

In what U.S. state is America's tallest building? 

In which U.S. state is America's deepest lake?

Which U.S. state flag depicts a big red X on a background of solid white?  

In what state is the World's tallest roller coaster? 

STATE NAME ORIGINS: How each state got its name. 

STATE NICKNAMES: A state's nickname, like any other nickname, is usually chosen based on a characteristic feature of the state itself. The chosen feature tends to differentiate one state from all the rest.

Visit Lake Havasu, Arizona during Spring Break.

Check out Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.  

See the Annual International Snow Sculpting Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado.  

See Mackinac Island, Michigan for a uniquely carless experience.

Fishing enthusiasts are encouraged to visit beautiful Lake Hubbard, Michigan.


LARGEST CITIES: This page lists each state's largest city. In other words, the city in each state that contains the greatest number of people. The cities with the highest populations are not necessarily the cities with the biggest land areas, and are not necessarily state capitals. This kind of information will be useful when you sign up for the free online classes listed below. 

online classes online classes online classes online classes 


Domestic Feline Critters And Popular Cat Breeds 

Abyssinian Cat 

Aegean Cat 

American Bobtail 

American Curl (USA)

American Ringtail (USA) 

American Shorthair (USA) 

American Wirehair (USA) 

Aphrodite Giant (Cyprus) 

Arabian Mau (Arabian Peninsula) 

Asian Cat (UK) 

Asian Semi-longhair (UK) 

Australian Mist (Australia) 

Balinese (USA) 

Bambino (USA) 

Bengal (Asia/USA) 

Birman (France) 

Black and White Cats 

Black Cat Breeds 

Bombay (USA) 

Brazilian Shorthair (Brazil) 

British Longhair (UK) 

British Shorthair (UK) 

Burmese (Burma/Myanmar) 

Burmilla (UK) 

Calico Cat 

California Spangled (USA) 

Chantilly-Tiffany (USA) 

Chartreux (France) 

Chausie (USA) 

Colorpoint Shorthair (UK) 

Cornish Rex (UK) 

Cymric (Isle of Man/USA/Canada) 

Cyprus (Cyprus) 

Devon Rex (UK) 

Donskoy (Russia) 

Dragin Li (China) 

Dwelf (USA) 

Egyptian Mau (Egypt) 

European Shorthair (Europe) 

Exotic Shorthair (USA) 

Feral Cat 

Foldex (Canada) 

German Rex (Germany) 

Hairless Cat 

Havana Brown (UK) 

Highlander (USA) 

Himalayan (USA/UK) 

Japanese Bobtail (Japan) 

Javanese Longhair (USA/Canada) 

Kanaani (Germany) 

Khao Manee (Thailand) 

Kinkalow (USA) 

Korat (Thailand) 

Korean Bobtail (Korea) 

Korn Ja (Thailand) 

Kurilian Bobtail (Eastern Russia/Japan) 

Lambkin (USA)

Laperm (USA)

Lykoi (USA)

Maine Coon (USA) 

Manx (Isle of Man) 

Mekong Bobtail (Russia) 

Minskin (USA) 

Napoleon (USA) 

Munchkin (USA) 

Nebelung (USA) 

Norwegian Forest Cat (Norway) 

Ocicat (USA) 

Ojos Azules (USA) 

Orange Tabby Cat 

Oregon Rex (USA) 

Oriental Bicolor (USA/UK) 

Oriental Longhair (USA/UK)

Oriental Shorthair (USA/UK) 

Pallas Cat 

Persian: Modern (USA/Europe) 

Persian: Traditional (Greater Iran) 

Peterbald (Russia)

Pixie-bob (USA) 

Polydactyl Cat 

Ragamuffin (USA) 

Ragdoll (USA) 

Raas (Indonesia) 

Russian Black (Australia) 

Russian Blue (Russia) 

Russian Tabby (Australia) 

Russian White (Australia) 

Sam Sawet (Thailand) 

Savannah (USA) 

Scottish Fold (UK) 

Selkirk Rex (USA) 

Serengeti (USA) 

Serrade Petit (France) 

Serval Cat (Africa) 

Siamese (USA) 

Siberian (Russia )

Singapura (USA) 

Snowshoe (USA) 

Sokoke (Jenya) 

Somali (USA/Canada) 

Sphynx (Canada/Europe) 

Suphalak (Thailand) 

Tabby Cat 

Thai (Thailand) 

Tonkinese (Canada/USA) 

Tortoiseshell Cat 

Toyger (USA) 

Turkish Angora (Turkey) 

Turkish Van (UK) 

Turkish Vankedisi (Turkey) 

Tuxedo Cat 

Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukraine) 

Wila Krungthep (Thailand) 

York Chocolate (USA) 


ABODE: The Picture Dictionary Of Architecture And Home Design (FREE BOOK!)



Chapter 1    

Chapter 2  

Chapter 3    


Chapter 4    

Chapter 5   

Chapter 6    

Chapter 7   


Chapter 8   

Chapter 9   

Chapter 10   

Chapter 11   

Chapter 12   

Chapter 13  


Chapter 14  

Chapter 15  

Chapter 16  


Chapter 17  

Chapter 18 


Chapter 19  

Chapter 20    

Chapter 21 

Chapter 22   


Chapter 23  

Chapter 24  

Chapter 25  


Chapter 26  

Chapter 27


Chapter 28  


Chapter 29  


Chapter 30


Chapter 31

Chapter 32  

Chapter 33    


Chapter 34  

Chapter 35  

Chapter 36  


Chapter 37    


Chapter 38   


Chapter 39    

Chapter 40   

Chapter 41  

Chapter 42   

Chapter 43   

Chapter 44    


Chapter 45  


Chapter 46

Chapter 47    

Chapter 48    

Chapter 49   


Chapter 50   

Chapter 51   

Chapter 52   

Chapter 53    

Chapter 54  

Chapter 55   

Chapter 56    

Chapter 57   

Chapter 58    

Chapter 59    


Chapter 60  

Chapter 61    

Chapter 62   

Chapter 63   


Chapter 64   


Chapter 65 


Chapter 66

Chapter 67


Chapter 68 

Early American Architecture 

Shipping Container Homes 


Top Roller Coasters

Interesting facts about the Empire State Building

Interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty 

Interesting facts about Willis Tower


Go Here For A Massive Coloring Page Collection 

Award Winning Clipart Designs 

Abstract Art 

Adult Clipart Coloring  (Caution: VERY!!! Adult)

African Symbols

Airplane Clipart

Airplane Clipart II 

Alchemy Symbols 

Alien Clipart 

America Flag Clipart 

Angel Clipart

Animals Clipart 

Animals Clipart II  

Animation Clipart 

Ant Clipart 

Apple Clipart 

April Fool Clipart 

Arabian Horse Clipart 

Architecture Clipart 

Army Clipart 

Arrow Clipart 

Art Wallpaper 

Astronaut Clipart 

Australia Time Zone Clipart 

Baby Clipart

Backpack Clipart 

Balloon Clipart 

Baseball Clipart 

Basket Clipart 

Basketball Clipart 

Bat Clipart 

Bear Clipart 

Bee Clipart 

Bicycle Clipart 

Billie Holiday Clipart 

Birds Clipart

More Bird Clipart 

Birthday Clipart 

Birthday Cake Clipart 

Black And White Clipart Coloring And Designs

Book Clipart 

Borders Clipart  

Bowling Clipart 

Boy Clipart 

Boys Clipart II 

British Flag Clipart 

Bulldog Clipart 

Bus Clipart 

Butterfly Clipart 

Cake Clipart 

Calculator Clipart 

Camel Clipart 

Camera Clipart 

Camping Clipart 

Canada Day Clipart 

Canadian Flag Clipart 

Candle Clipart 

Candy Cane Clipart 

Car Clipart 

Carrot Clipart 

Cat Clipart Coloring 

Cat Clipart 

Celtic Symbols 

Chair Clipart 

Cheerleading Clipart 

Cheetah Clipart 

Chef Clipart 

Chicken Clipart 

Child Clipart 

Children Stories Clipart 

Children's Day Clipart 

Chinese Flag Clipart 

Christmas Clipart 

Christmas Tree Clipart 

Classroom Clipart 

Clock Clipart 

Cloud Clipart 

Clown Clipart 

Coffee Clipart 

Color Clipart 

Color Palettes 

Coloring Page Clipart (Beginners) 

Coloring Page Clipart (Advanced) 

Columbus Day Clipart 

Computer Clipart 

Cow Clipart 

Cowboy Clipart 

Crab Clipart 

Cross Clipart 


Dentist Clipart 

Desk Clipart 

Dinosaur Clipart 

Doctor Clipart 

Dog Clipart 

Doll Clipart 

Dolphin Clipart 

Dragon Clipart 

Eagle Clipart 

Earth Clipart 

Easter Clipart 

Educational Clipart 

Egyptian Symbols 

Elephant Clipart 

Eraser Clipart 

Exercise Clipart 

Eyes Clipart 

Face Clipart 

Fairy Clipart 

Family Clipart 

Farm Clipart 

Fire Clipart 

Firefighter Clipart 

Fireworks Clipart 

Fish Clipart 

Fishing Clipart 

Flag Clipart 

Flag Clipart II 

Flag Of Australia Clipart 

Flag Of China Clipart 

Flag Of Germany Clipart 

Flag Of India Clipart 

Flag Of Italy Clipart 

Flag Of Japan Clipart 

Flag Of Kenya Clipart 

Flag Of Pakistan Clipart 

Flamingo Clipart 

Flower Clipart 

Flower Clipart II 

Flower Clipart III 

Flower Clipart (Famous Paintings)

Food Clipart 

Football Clipart 

Fox Clipart 

French Flag   

Friendship Day Clipart 

Friesian Horse Clipart 

Frog Clipart 

Frog Clipart Coloring 

Fruits Clipart 

Future World Clipart 

Ghost Clipart 

Giraffe Clipart 

Girl Clipart 

Goat Clipart 

Golf Clipart 

Gorilla Clipart 

Graffiti Art 

Grapes Clipart 

Grass Clipart 

Groundhog Day Clipart 

Halloween Clipart 

Hands Clipart 

Hand Clipart II  

Happy Clipart 

Happy Birthday Clipart 

Hat Clipart 

Heart Clipart 

Heart Clipart II 

Hindu Symbols 

History Clipart 

Hockey Clipart 

Holiday Clipart 

Horse Clipart 

Horse Clipart II 

Horse Clipart III 

Horse Drawings  

Hot Air Balloons

House Clipart 

Ice Cream Clipart 

Indian Clipart 

Insect Clipart 

Internet Clipart 

Jug Clipart 

Jungle Clipart 

Keyboard Symbols

Kid Clipart 

Kids Clipart Coloring Challenges 

King Clipart 

Knife Clipart 

Kitten Clipart 

Laptop Clipart 

Leaf Clipart 

Lemon Clipart 

Lightning Clipart 

Lion Clipart 

Lion Clipart Coloring Challenges 

Lotus Clipart 

Lunch Clipart 

Mango Clipart 

Maps (Africa) Clipart 

Maps (Asia) Clipart 

Maps (Bangladesh) Clipart 

Maps (Italy) Clipart 

Maps (Poland) Clipart 

Math Clipart 

Milk Clipart 

Mom Clipart 

Money Clipart 

Monkey Clipart 

Monster Clipart 

Moon Clipart 

Mouse Clipart 

Mushroom Clipart 

Music Clipart 

New Year Clipart 

Nose Clipart 

Notebook Clipart 

Numbers Clipart

Octopus Clipart 

Op Art 

Owl Clipart

Parrot Clipart 

Peacock Clipart 

Pen Clipart 

Pencil Clipart

Penguin Clipart 

Phone Clipart 

Pig Clipart 

Pizza Clipart 

Plant Clipart 

Plate Clipart 

Pomegranate Clipart 

Potato Clipart 

Pumpkin Clipart 

Punjabi Clipart 

Quadrilateral Shapes 

Rabbit Clipart 

Rainbow Flag Clipart Designs 

Rocket Clipart 

Rose Clipart 

Ruler Clipart 

Santa Claus Clipart 

More Santa Clipart 

Satellite Map Clipart 

Science Clipart 

Sea Horse Clipart 

Seal Clipart 

Shark Clipart 

Sheep Clipart 

Shell Clipart 

Ship Clipart 

Snake Clipart 

Snow Clipart 

Snowflake Clipart 

Snowman Clipart 

Soccer Clipart 

Softball Clipart 

Space Clipart 

Sports Clipart 

Spring Clipart 

Squirrel Clipart 

Star Clipart 

Strawberry Clipart 

Summer Clipart 

Sun Clipart 

Swimming Clipart 

Teacher Clipart 

Teddy Bear Clipart 

Thanksgiving Clipart 

Tiger Clipart 

Tomato Clipart 

Toys Clipart 

Train Clipart

Tree Clipart (Coloring) 

Tree Clipart (Graphics) 

Tree Clipart (Famous paintings) 

Turtle Clipart 

UFO Clipart 

Umbrella Clipart 

Unicorn Clipart 

Valentines Day Clipart 

Wedding Clipart 

White Flag Clipart 

Wolf Clipart 

Women's World Cup 

Word Art 

World Population Clipart 

World Wide Web Clipart 

Yoga Clipart 

Zebra Clipart 



How to Draw a Rose

How to Draw Flames 

Tattoo Art 

Tattoo Design Ideas Gallery 

Top 10 Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Dragon Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Rose Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Skull Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Sunflower Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Tribal Tattoo Ideas 

Top 10 Wolf Tattoo Ideas 

How to Make a 3D Paper Chess Set

How to Make Origami


Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles 

Gallery of 19th Century American Art

Gallery of United States Regional Art 

Fine Arts (Top 10 Examples By Genre) 


CRAZY HORSE APPEARING (Biography of Crazy Horse with a Fully Authenticated Photo) 

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 1a

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 2

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 3

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 4

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 5

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 6

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 7

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 8

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 9

Crazy Horse Appearing - Chapter 10

Crazy Horse Appearing - Appendixes

Crazy Horse Appearing - Main Page

EVERY BODY, EVERY WEAR: The Illustrated Glossary Of Fabric, Fashion, And Style.

YULE LOG: Noteworthy Events That Happened On Christmas Day

ABODE: The Picture Dictionary Of Architecture And Home Design 

BUSINESS (Entrepreneurship) 

Small Business Ideas

Work From Home in All 50 States 

Free Printable Resume Formats

Factory Outlet Malls in Every State 

Professional Logo Quiz

culinary arts

TRY THESE RECIPES for a virtually endless selection of online classes in culinary arts. 

Go Here For the Top 10 Culinary Clipart Designs 

online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes 

Above: A creative home office, perfect for online classes.



The Federal Cost of Living Index gives a measure of living expenses by state, as compared to other states, and to the national average. This page also provides helpful info on average housing costs in every U.S. state. 

Income Tax in Every State provides a list of income tax rates by state. 

Sales Tax shows the basic sales tax rate by state.

Personal Income by State shows your state's minimum wage and other income demographics. 

Poverty Stats provides a list of the percentage of people in each state who are said to be living below the poverty line. 

Unemployment gives current unemployment statistics for every U.S. state.


Free Online High School Diploma.

How To Earn a Bachelors Degree.

Learn Medical Transcription Online

Four-Year Degree Programs in Acting: Performing Arts Universities listed by state

Online Colleges and American Universities: Accredited Universities throughout the United States. Includes campus locations, photos, phone numbers and online degree programs.

Science Adventures: Science museums, listed by state. Also included are some handy science project ideas for your next science fair. 

Smart States: A ranking of states by the quality of each state's elementary level education. 

Libraries in America 

Best Puzzle Games On The Internet 


Free Fashion Designs 

Get a FREE, Complete Fashion Design Book Here! 

EVERY BODY, EVERY WEAR: The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion and Style


Chapter 1 

Chapter 2  

Chapter 3  

Chapter 4  

Chapter 5  

Chapter 6  

Chapter 7  

Chapter 8 

Chapter 9 

Chapter 10 

Chapter 11  

Chapter 12  

Chapter 13  

Chapter 14 

Chapter 15  

Chapter 16 

Chapter 17 

Chapter 18  

Chapter 19

Chapter 20 

Chapter 21 

Chapter 22  

Chapter 23   

Chapter 24  

Chapter 25  

Chapter 26   

Chapter 27   

Chapter 28  

Chapter 29  

Chapter 30  

Chapter 31  

Chapter 32  

Chapter 33  

Chapter 34  

Chapter 35   

Chapter 36  

Chapter 37  

Chapter 38  

Chapter 39  

Chapter 40

Chapter 41



Geography FAQ:

What is geography?  

In what hemisphere is the United States located? 

What is the largest state in America? 

What is the smallest state in America? 

Where is the Grand Canyon? 

Where can I find a printable map? 


USA And State Map Gallery 

State Map Quiz

Miscellaneous U.S. Geography 

(Some of this info may be covered as part of the free online classes listed below for K-12 students): 

Area Codes Lookup 

Zip Code List 

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Area Measurements 

Miles Between Cities 





Natural Wonders of the United States

US Geography Quiz (State Photos)





CHAPTER 1   (Wealth Through Exercise)

CHAPTER 2   (Fitness the Old Fashioned Way)

CHAPTER 3   (11 Common Exercise Myths)

CHAPTER 4   (Food List and Nutrition)

CHAPTER 5   (Healthy Weight Chart And More)

CHAPTER 6   (Alternative Health And Exercise)

CHAPTER 7   (How To Eat Whatever You Want)

CHAPTER 8   (10 Common Nutrition Myths)

CHAPTER 9   (How To Start Saving Money)

CHAPTER 10  (How To Keep Saving Money)

CHAPTER 11  (List of high paying Jobs)

CHAPTER 12  (Real Estate Investments) 

CHAPTER 13  (Stock Market Investments and More)

CHAPTER 14  (Wealth Building Strategies)

CHAPTER 15  (The Short Road To Happiness)

CHAPTER 16  (Spiritual Wealth)

CHAPTER 17  (Delicious Healthy Recipes)

CHAPTER 18  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 19  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 20  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 21  (Sweet Treats YOU Deserve that don't stretch your waistline or your wallet) 

Low Carb Foods 

List of Fruits and Their Sugar Content

List of Citrus Fruits

Weight - A healthy weight chart showing a range of acceptable weights for different heights and genders. The page also links to useful nutritional info for all kinds of food.

Blood Sugar  A very basic way to figure out if or not you should see a doctor about your blood sugar levels. Other nutritional info is also included here.

Blood Pressure  A way to evaluate your blood pressure measurements using a handy printable chart. Also see tips on how to keep blood pressure levels under control. 

How to Relieve Knee Pain



Flags Of All Nations 

Gorillas In Africa 











Math A collection of math problems for practicing the art of subtraction. These problems are especially appropriate for a first or second grade learning level. Answer key included.

Math A collection of multiplication problems featuring three-digit numbers multiplied by single-digit numbers. Answer key also provided.

Math  Free printable worksheets of slightly more difficult multiplication problems. These teacher worksheets feature double-digit numbers. An answer key is also provided.

Math  Free printable fractions worksheet for beginners. Answer key is provided.

Math  Fraction worksheets that are slightly harder. A printable answer key is included.

Multiplication Table  Free printable multiplication table.

Metric Conversions  Unit measurement conversions from inches to centimeters, miles to kilometers, pounds to kilos, and more.

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American Citizenship

Political Cartoons 

State Governors

State Senators 


U.S. Map Quiz (NEW!)

U.S. Photo Quiz (Name that State)

U.S. City Quiz (Name That Downtown)

US Geography Quiz (State Maps) 

Logo Quiz 

Trick Questions And Brain Teasers

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Best Science Museums 

Butterflies And Moths (FAQ, Images, Activities, and More) 

Domesticated Cat Breeds 

Science FAQ:

What is the tallest type of tree on earth?

How Do Hurricanes Form? 

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online classes and more

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