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This section deals with online classes and instructional materials for home schoolers in America. The materials linked below feature puzzles, quizzes, projects, and fun reading materials, while touching on many topics for teaching and learning from home.

Home schooling topics covered here include all the major subjects children might study, such as History, Math, Reading, and Social Studies, as well as fun subjects such as home crafts and culinary arts. 

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State Culture:

Alabama - facts and photos.

Alaska - towns and wilderness. No parka required.

Arizona - other-worldly landscapes.

Arkansas - state parks, cute towns and rugged back roads.

California - National Parks and secret city treasures.

Colorado - villages, vistas and vacation homes.

Connecticut - quirky destinations and fabulous hotels.

DC - Sights, facts, and hotel recommendations.

Delaware - Events and fun places to visit.

Florida - beach scenes and vacation packages.

Georgia - mountains, farmland and theme parks.

Hawaii - tropical scenes and vacation ideas.

Idaho - National parks, mountain ranges and more.

Illinois - Outdoors, inside and outside of Chicago.

Indiana - Scene-scapes, neighborhoods, universities, and more.

Iowa - Cities, universities, farmland, tornadoes. 

Kansas - Stull and other middle America towns we rarely see.

Kentucky - Thoroughbreds, blue grass, mountains, universities and more.

Louisiana - Street scenes, music, colleges and culture.

Maine - Sunsets, Light Houses, Blueberries and Lobsters - but that's not all!

Maryland - Attractions, retirement villages, ocean scenery and more.

Massachusetts - Universities, architecture and fascinating facts.

Michigan - Lakes, lakes and more lakes.  Did we mention lakes? 

Minnesota - Cities, towns and flea markets.

Mississippi - Houses, sunsets and the Mississippi River.

Missouri - Universities, Saint Louis, state parks, hiking trails and more.

Montana - Mountains, Ranch land, Reservations, the Custer Battlefield and numerous National Parks. 

Nebraska - Cities, parks, universities and roadside attractions.

Nevada - Active Retirement, golf, state parks and more.

New Hampshire - Universities, retirement villages, and everything in between.

New Jersey - Local attractions and top universities, among other things.

New Mexico - Explore enchanted landscapes and dream-worthy desert scenery.

New York - Universities, NYC, and statewide sightseeing ideas. 

North Carolina - Cities, islands, universities, demographics and more.

North Dakota - Badlands, oil fields, reservations, sunsets, Photography Art Galleries.

Ohio - State parks, universities, down towns, Amish country.

Oklahoma - Indian tribes, major cities, and other local attractions.

Oregon - Cities, universities, parks, golf, retirement villages, cloudy beaches, and seaside vacations.

Pennsylvania - Facts and photos.

Rhode Island - Sublime seaside villages and other gorgeous local landscapes. 

South Carolina - State facts and photos.

South Dakota - Casinos, badlands, Indian Reservations, towns, and unbelievable sunsets.

Tennessee - Cool homes, great cities and more.

Texas - Major metro areas, nature preserves, universities.

Utah - Warm desert landscapes and other attractions.

Vermont - Autumnal scenery, tiny towns, church steeples and more.

Virginia - Cities, universities, downtowns, beaches, sunrises.

Washington - Cities, universities, parks, rainforests, science exhibits, desert stallions and more.

West Virginia - Mountains, towns, attractions, fall foliage.

Wisconsin - Cities, universities, roadside attractions, and dramatic sky-scapes. 

Wyoming - Wolves, horse ranches, and Wild West towns. 

Holiday Celebrations:

New Years Eve  

Chinese New Year

Valentines Day  

Funny Valentines 

St. Patrick's Day 

April Fools Day 

Easter Wallpaper 

Easter Americana 

Easter Coloring Pages 

More Easter Coloring Pages 

Easter Basket Ideas

Mother's Day 

Memorial Day 

June Holidays 

Independence Day 


Easy Halloween Recipes 

Authentic Native American Halloween Costumes



American Cultural Attractions:

Art and History Museums in every state

American Landmarks 

Annual Events Listed by State

COOL Things To Do in Every State

Miscellaneous American Culture:

Funny Photo Gallery

American Song Lyrics

Affordable Travel All Over America

What is American citizenship? 

American Symbols:

State Birds

State Mammals.

State Flowers 

State Trees 

State Mottoes 

State Flags A-K 

State Flags L-N 

State Flags O-W 

Flags of Indian Nations 

Official State Seals A-K 

Official State Seals L-N 

Official State Seals O-W  

American History

Vintage Photos of Native American People

Indian Tribes by State 

Indian Reservations by State

Native American Tribal Flags. 

Native Tribes of Oklahoma

Indian territories of South Dakota 

Native Tribe in New Mexico

Tribal Tattoo Art 

American History FAQ: 

How old is the United States? 

When did the American Revolution start? 

What state was once called Franklin?

What are some interesting facts about the state of Virginia?

What are some interesting facts about Kentucky? 

When did Texas become a State?

Where was the first public library in the United States?

What is the oldest state park in America?

Who invented baseball? 

Dates Of Statehood 

State Firsts  

American Literature

State Newspapers 

Told in the Drooling Ward, by Jack London

The Ransom of Red Chief, by O. Henry

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter

Moral Stories  

Lion Tales

Aesop's Fables 

Sunflower Summer

The Problem With People

Short Sweet Love Poems 

Valentine Poems 

Friendship Poems 

Funny Poems 

Spanish Poem (with translation) 


American People

Famous Native Americans 

Famous African Americans

Famous Spanish People 

List of U.S. Presidents

State Governors

State Senators 

Population By State 

Small Towns

Kids In America 

Popular American Baby Names

American Seniors 

Life Expectancy by State 

Fat and Skinny States 

State Health Rankings 

Average IQ Score By State 

American States and Cities

States/Cities Trivia/FAQ:

What is the population of California? 

What are the four largest (in population size) cities in Texas?

Which U.S. city has neighborhoods called Glen Park, Noe Valley and Nob Hill?

Which five U.S. states border the state of Georgia?

Which five U.S. states border the state of West Virginia?

Which of the following cities in Alaska is located furthest north - Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau?

Which of the following cities in Utah is located nearest to the Great Salt Lake - Ogden, Park City or Provo?

Which U.S. city forbids all motor vehicles within its boundaries?

Which famous American songwriter penned the following lyrics?  

From a town known as Wheeling West Virginia

Rode a boy with a 6 gun in his hand

And his daring life of crime

Made him a legend in his time

East and West of the Rio Grande

Which U.S. state has more farmland than any other state? 

Which U.S. state has more natural energy resources than any other U.S. state? 

Which U.S. state produces more blueberries than any other U.S. state?  

Which U.S. states is home to more public libraries than any other state? 

Which U.S. state has cities called Aberdeen, Brookings and Keystone?

Which U.S. state is bordered by only one other U.S. state?

Which U.S. city has a larger population than any other U.S. city besides New York? 

Which U.S. state has more Zip Codes than any other U.S. state?

Which U.S. state has more Indian Reservations than any other U.S. state?  

The Appalachian Trail begins and ends in which two U.S. states?

Which U.S. state is home to an average of about 27 people per square mile?

Which three U.S. states provide the best opportunities for whale watching?

Which U.S. state produces more diamonds than any other U.S. state?

In what U.S. state is America's tallest building? 

In which U.S. state is America's deepest lake?

Which U.S. state flag depicts a big red X on a background of solid white?  

In what state is the World's tallest roller coaster? 

STATE NAME ORIGINS: How each state got its name. 

STATE NICKNAMES: A state's nickname, like any other nickname, is usually chosen based on a characteristic feature of the state itself. The chosen feature tends to differentiate one state from all the rest.

Visit Lake Havasu, Arizona during Spring Break.

Check out Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.  

See the Annual International Snow Sculpting Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado.  

See Mackinac Island, Michigan for a uniquely carless experience.

Fishing enthusiasts are encouraged to visit beautiful Lake Hubbard, Michigan.


LARGEST CITIES: This page lists each state's largest city. In other words, the city in each state that contains the greatest number of people. The cities with the highest populations are not necessarily the cities with the biggest land areas, and are not necessarily state capitals. This kind of information will be useful when you sign up for the free online classes listed below. 


Early American Architecture 

Shipping Container Homes 

Top Roller Coasters

Interesting facts about the Empire State Building

Interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty 

Interesting facts about Willis Tower

Business (Entrepreneurship) 

Work From Home in All 50 States 

Free Printable Resume Formats

Factory Outlet Malls in Every State 

Professional Logo Quiz

Culinary Arts 

Chicken Recipes:

Beer Can Chicken: Also known as drunken chicken, this bird falls over when cooked, and is great fun to look at.

Bourbon Chicken: This popular recipe is a tangy Kentucky favorite, featuring plenty of the state of Kentucky's most well known natural resource. 

Chicken Fajitas: A popular Mexican dish prepared restaurant-style. Easy to make and fun to eat. Great with Guacamole and Salsa!

Chicken Marsala: This is an Italian favorite dinner recipe made with mushrooms and Marsala wine. A simple, elegant, five star meal. 

Chicken Parmesan: A popular favorite Italian poultry dish, baked and breaded with tangy tomato sauce and a combination of cheeses. Incredibly inexpensive and easy to make, not to mention delicious. 

Curry Chicken: A lively, popular poultry dish made with lean, boneless meat and flavored with classically familiar Indian spices. Americans on a budget often grab some breasd from a local Indian restaurant and then make Chicken Curry at home. 

Deep Fry Turkey: Deep-frying makes a comeback with this delectable Thanksgivin style feast. Surprisingly tender and juicy! 

Hawaiian Chicken: A sweet, satisfying dinner favorite featuring oven baked chicken with pineapples and sweet bell peppers. 

Jerk Chicken: A popular Caribbean favorite. Go easy on the Cayenne Pepper! For the faint of heart, this page also features a much less spicy Rotisserie Chicken recipe.

Orange Chicken: Tender boneless chicken pieces coated with orange glaze, cooked to perfection and served (if you like) over light, fluffy steamed white rice. 

Sesame Chicken: A spectacular Chinese dish featuring just a few simple ingredients. Great either cooked in baked chicken recipes or sauteed in a skillet. 

Smoked Chicken flavored with herbs and spices.

Teriyaki Chicken A traditional Japanese favorite.

Pork Recipes:






Beef Recipes:














Seafood Recipes:





7 Layer Salad Recipe: This versatile appetizer recipe is a crispy cool visual delight. 

Ambrosia Salad: This sweet, fruity recipe is a popular American summer favorite. 

Bean Salads:  Protein-rich lunch or side dish recipes, best when served warm. 

Chicken Salad:  This chicken salad recipe features fresh grapes and chopped celery.

Cold Pasta Salad:  A hearty side dish recipe that functions as a meal.

Egg Salad:  Great when made into cracker sandwiches, or served as a raw veggie dip. 

Green Salad:  Green salads are a fresh, lively start to any meal. 

Jello Salad:  This versatile recipe is served as an appetizer, side dish or dessert.

Ramen Noodle Salad:  A quick and easy lunch recipe. Elegant, inexpensive and delicious.


Banana Bread 1: A very basic recipe that's always a treat.

Banana Bread 2: This soft, creamy variety is wonderful served warm with butter.

Ciabatta Bread: A soft, spongy Italian bread with a thin, crunchy crust.


Beef Barley Soup: This recipe is a great appetizer, but can also be served as a meal.

Lobster Bisque: A classy, creamy seafood dish, elegant when paired with the 7 Layer Salad recipe shown above.


Cheese Fondue: A warm cheese dipping sauce for breads, fruits and vegetables.

Deviled Eggs: An easy way to jazz up ordinary hard boiled eggs. 


Roasted Vegetables

Grilled Corn: A perfect recipe for an outdoor summer barbecue party.

Grilled Vegetables: Served as a healthy side dish or a complete vegetarian meal.

Hummus: A Middle Eastern dip served with pita bread or raw veggie slices.

Cole Slaw: - A popular American favorite.


Scalloped Potatoes Cheesy and delicious with a baked brown topping.

Sweet Potato Fries Crunchy salted french fries with an unexpected sweetness.

Twice Baked Potatoes A smooth, creamy recipe with chives and two cheeses

Other Popular Recipes:


African Cuisine 

Egg Rolls: The classic Chinese recipe we all know and love.

More Recipes

Side Dishes

Dessert Recipes

Holiday Appetizers 

Traditional Recipes From Every State

online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes

online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes online classes 


The Federal Cost of Living Index gives a measure of living expenses by state, as compared to other states, and to the national average. This page also provides helpful info on average housing costs in every U.S. state. 

Income Tax in Every State provides a list of income tax rates by state. 

Sales Tax shows the basic sales tax rate by state.

Personal Income by State shows your state's minimum wage and other income demographics. 

Poverty Stats provides a list of the percentage of people in each state who are said to be living below the poverty line. 

Unemployment gives current unemployment statistics for every U.S. state.


Free Online High School Diploma.

How To Earn a Bachelors Degree.

Learn Medical Transcription Online

Four-Year Degree Programs in Acting: Performing Arts Universities listed by state

Online Colleges and American Universities: Accredited Universities throughout the United States. Includes campus locations, photos, phone numbers and online degree programs.

Science Adventures: Science museums, listed by state. Also included are some handy science project ideas for your next science fair. 

Smart States: A ranking of states by the quality of each state's elementary level education. 

Libraries in America

Fashion Design

Free Fashion Designs 

EVERY BODY, EVERY WEAR: The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion and Style

Foreign Languages 

Afrikaans to English / English to Afrikaans translation.

Chinese to English / English to Chinese translation.  

Danish to English / English to Danish translation.

Dutch to English / English to Dutch translation.

Esperanto to English / English to Esperanto translation.

Finnish to English / English to Finnish translation.

French to English / English to French translation.

German to English / English to German translation.

Greek to English / English to Greek translation.

Hungarian to English / English to Hungarian translation.

Indonesian to English / English to Indonesian translation.

Italian to English / English to Italian translation.

Korean to English / English to Korean translation.

Latin to English / English to Latin translation.

Malay to English / English to Malay translation.

Polish to English / English to Polish translation.

Punjabi to English / English to Punjabi translation.

Romanian to English / English to Romanian translation.

Russian to English / English to Russian translation.

Somali to English / English to Somali translation.

Spanish to English / English to Spanish translation.

Tagalog to English / English to Tagalog translation.

Tamil to English / English to Tamil translation.

Telugu to English / English to Telugu translation.

Thai to English / English to Thai translation.

Turkish to English / English to Turkish translation.

Ukrainian to English / English to Ukrainian translation.

Vietnamese to English / English to Vietnamese translation.

Chinese Symbols for States 


Geography FAQ:

What is geography?  

In what hemisphere is the United States located? 

What is the largest state in America? 

What is the smallest state in America? 

Where is the Grand Canyon? 

Where can I find a printable map? 


State Map Quiz

Miscellaneous U.S. Geography 

(Some of this info may be covered as part of the free online classes listed below for K-12 students): 

Area Codes Lookup 

Zip Code List 

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Area Measurements 

Miles Between Cities 





Natural Wonders of the United States

US Geography Quiz (State Photos)


Low Carb Foods 

List of Fruits and Their Sugar Content

List of Citrus Fruits

Weight - A healthy weight chart showing a range of acceptable weights for different heights and genders. The page also links to useful nutritional info for all kinds of food.

Blood Sugar  A very basic way to figure out if or not you should see a doctor about your blood sugar levels. Other nutritional info is also included here.

Blood Pressure  A way to evaluate your blood pressure measurements using a handy printable chart. Also see tips on how to keep blood pressure levels under control. 

How to Relieve Knee Pain


Math A collection of math problems for practicing the art of subtraction. These problems are especially appropriate for a first or second grade learning level. Answer key included.

Math A collection of multiplication problems featuring three-digit numbers multiplied by single-digit numbers. Answer key also provided.

Math  Free printable worksheets of slightly more difficult multiplication problems. These teacher worksheets feature double-digit numbers. An answer key is also provided.

Math  Free printable fractions worksheet for beginners. Answer key is provided.

Math  Fraction worksheets that are slightly harder. A printable answer key is included.

Multiplication Table  Free printable multiplication table.

Metric Conversions  Unit measurement conversions from inches to centimeters, miles to kilometers, pounds to kilos, and more.

For more advanced math studies, check out the FREE online classes below. 


American Citizenship

Political Cartoons 

State Governors

State Senators 


U.S. Map Quiz (NEW!)

U.S. Photo Quiz (Name that State)

U.S. City Quiz (Name That Downtown)

US Geography Quiz (State Maps) 

Logo Quiz 

For more quizzes, sign up for FREE online classes (see below)


Best Science Museums

Science FAQ:

What is the tallest type of tree on earth?

How Do Hurricanes Form? 

For more science learning, scroll down for a list of FREE online classes. 

Visual Arts

How to Draw a Rose

How to Draw Flames

Tattoo Art 

Gallery of 19th Century American Art

Gallery of United States Regional Art, featuring paintings by fine artists from every state. 

How to Make a 3D Paper Chess Set

How to Make Origami

Free Printable Tarot Deck 

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