North Dakota Facts and State Photo Gallery

North Dakota Facts:

Shown above: Sunrise over Fargo.

With a population over 105,000, Fargo is home to more residents than any other city in the state of North Dakota.

More North Dakota Facts

1. The official state flower of North Dakota is the Wild Prairie Rose.

2. The official state tree of North Dakota is the American Elm.

3. The official state bird of North Dakota is the Western Meadowlark.

4. North Dakota is home to 13 State Parks, along with one National Park, numerous wildlife refuges, and a handful of National historic sites. 

5. The state of North Dakota is divided into three geographical regions: Western, Central, and Eastern.

7. The five largest cities in North Dakota (by population size) are Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot (rhymes with "Why not"), and West Fargo, in that order.

8. The highest elevation above sea level in North Dakota is 3,506 feet, achieved at the summit of White Butte, located in the Badlands.

9. North Dakota has three Indian Reservations: Fort Berthold, Standing Rock, and Turtle Mountain.

Below: The famed Mormon Temple in Bismarck is a popular local photo op.  


North Dakota National Historic Sites

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

North Country National Scenic Trail

Below: Minot in winter.



  1. Beaver Lake State Park
  2. Camp Whitney State Park
  3. Fort Abercrombie State Park
  4. Fort Lincoln State Park
  5. Four Bears State Park
  6. Icelandic State Park
  7. Lake Metigoshe State Park
  8. Lake Sakakawea State Park
  9. Lewis and Clark State Park
  10. Molander State Park
  11. Pembina State Park
  12. Streeter Memorial State Park
  13. Turtle River State Park

Below: The stagey little town of Medora.


Below: The tiny town of Tioga.


Above: An uplifting reservation sunrise.


Above: The entrance to Standing Rock Indian Reservation,

guarded by a monument to our Great Chief Tatanka Iyotake, also known as Sitting Bull.


Above: An aerial sunset view of the University of North Dakota campus in Grand Forks. 



north dakota facts 

Above: An oil rig silhouetted against a North Dakota sky at sundown. 


map of North Dakota

image credit: Google


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