Native American Indian History

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For a colorful lesson in Native American Indian History, hit any of the links shown on this page.

For a FREE award-winning novel about the life story of Crazy Horse, with the only fully authenticated photo of Crazy Horse known to exist, read CRAZY HORSE APPEARING.

This page provides historic images, recent photos, pictures of Indian flags, a list of native tribes, a list of Indian Reservations, and interesting bios of famous native American people from the 19th century. 

You'll also find info about particular native tribes, along with a collection of images depicting tribal artwork and tattoo designs.  

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Go here to see exclusive mini bios and fascinating Vintage Photos of Native American People. This page features the ONLY known authentic photograph of Crazy Horse! No, it is not a fake. Click on the photo to see Crazy Horse.  

Hit this link to view an image-packed list of Indian Tribes by State. These Indian tribes are officially recognized by the Federal government. 

Visit this page for a photo-filled list of Indian Reservations by State. There must be at least 300 Federally recognized Indian reservations in America. Most of them are in the western states. 

Go here for a colorful collection of Native American Tribal Flags. 

Hit this link for information about the Native Tribes of Oklahoma. 

Click here to see facts and photos from the Indian territories of South Dakota. There are eight Indian reservations in South Dakota. The "Sioux" were the last and the largest tribal entity in Native American Indian History. 

More Native American Indian History

Click this page to learn facts and see a photo of a Native Tribe in New Mexico. The people have lived in the same homes for thousands of years. 

Go to this page to get some ideas and background info about designing your own Indian Halloween Costumes.

Hit this link for a striking collection of images depicting outstanding Tribal Tattoo Art. 

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