Mississippi State Symbols and other official u.s. emblems

Scroll down for Mississippi State Symbols, along with other state seals and national emblems. A state seal is rich in American symbolism.

The seal of the state of Mississippi, for instance, includes an industrious bald eagle holding a palm leaf in one foot and a bundle of arrows in the other, as shown on that state's official seal.

Louisiana's state seal features a family of pelicans, which are still found in abundance along the state's many miles of coastline. 

A state seal sometimes replaces the name of the state on official documents, though not all state seals contain the state's name. 

Some states have more than one seal. This page shows the most recently approved state seal for states listed alphabetically from Louisiana to North Dakota. 

Shown above is the official seal of the United States of America. Scroll down for a colorful selection of free printable clipart.   

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Some states have more than one seal. These pages show each state's most recently approved state seal.

Pictured above is the official seal of the United States.


Shown below are the official state seals of


Louisiana - Adopted as the official state seal of Louisiana in 1902. Represents a mother pelican wounding her breast to feed her young from her own blood. Emblematic of Christian charity.

Maine - Design adopted in 1820. Symbols include shield, moose, water, woods, pine tree, farmer and sailor. Above the shield is the motto "Dirigo," which means "I lead."

Maryland - Maryland has a double-sided seal. One side depicts Lord Baltimore as a mounted knight with a sword. The reverse side shows the Calvert Arms.

Massachusetts - Design adopted in 1780. Depicts an Algonquian Indian with a bow and arrow.

Michigan - Elk, Moose and Bald Eagle.

Minnesota - Design adopted in 1861. Motto on seal, "Étoile du Nord," means "The Star of the North."

Mississippi - Design adopted in 1798. Mississippi State Symbols include an eagle with a shield on its chest. The shield depicts a stars and stripes design to represent the American flag.

Missouri - Design adopted in 1822. The bears symbolize bravery and strength.

Montana - Design adopted in 1865. Depicts a landscape of mountains, plains and forests. The motto "Oro y Plata" is Spanish for "Gold and Silver."

Nebraska - Design adopted in 1867. Depicts a blacksmith at work as a train passes by.

Nevada - Design adopted in 1864. Landscape scene shows wheat, mining and other industries.

New Hampshire - Ship with rising sun.

New Jersey - Coat of Arms crowned with a horse's head.

New Mexico -  Eagle motif.

New York - Coat of Arms crowned with an eagle.

North Carolina - Cornucopia with a farm scene.

North Dakota - Prairies, mountains, agriculture, and symbols of Indian Heritage.

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