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A maze is a puzzle involving a complex branch of passageways through which a solver must find the route.

The oldest known maze is the Cretan labyrinth in Greece.

Mazes are frequently presented as pen-and-paper puzzles. However, mazes have also been built with walls, hedges, turf, corn stalks, hay bales, books, stones, and bricks. For example, see the lawn maze shown above. 

Mirror Mazes are another form, where many of the apparent pathways are imaginary routes seen through multiple reflective surfaces.

There are two main techniques for creating mazes. One is to mark out the network of available routes through a filled space. The other is to lay out a set of obstructions within an open area.

The mathematician Leonhard Euler was one of the first to analyze plane mazes mathematically, so making the first significant contributions to a branch of mathematics known as topology. 

This page contains mazes you can print. Just right click on any image, and select a save option from the drop-down menu. This will send the image to your picture file. From there you can reduce or enlarge is as needed for optimal printed results.

Embassy Maze

Solution to Embassy Maze

Shown at the top of this page is a photo of a garden maze located near Luray Caverns in Virginia. This image can also be printed with a simple right click.

To solve this puzzle, enter the maze at the upper right, and find your way to the center of the garden.

Also how above is a maze from the U.S. Embassy website. Enter the maze at the red X (upper left), and find your way to the American Embassy, pictured in the middle of the page. The solution to the Embassy maze puzzle is also shown.

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