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For a close up look at San Francisco, take a look at

San Francisco Easy Streets,

available as an e-book on Amazon.  San Francisco Easy Streets provides handy, simplified maps of neighborhoods, zip codes, and various landmarks, with hundreds of original photo images.

SAN FRANCISCO EASY STREETS is a crisp, colorful, hand drawn, digitally enhanced map collection. It's an original map atlas designed especially for e-book format. This book series probably contains the most reader-friendly maps on Amazon!

Also find more than 200 beautiful, original, unpublished (until now) photos of San Francisco streets. Use this book to get around the city, or to help you decide which neighborhoods to visit. Even if you can't get to San Francisco, read this and feel as if you've been there!

Each book in the EASY STREETS series is priced at only $4.99. SAN FRANCISCO EASY STREETS also available in paperback format.

Shown above is a partial street map of South Lake Tahoe, along with a simple map of the state of Nevada. These maps you can print. For more printable maps and other useful items, visit any of the links shown on this page.

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the United States, on the border between California and Nevada, just west of Carson City.

South Lake Tahoe is located within the borders of the state of California.

The lake is about 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, with more than 70 miles of shoreline, and an average depth of about a thousand feet.

The surrounding area was formerly inhabited by a Native American community known as the Washoe tribe. In fact, the word "Tahoe" is said to be derived from a word of the Washoe language that means "edge of the lake."

Tahoe is known for crystal clear blue water that reflects the stunning mountains overlooking it.

The area is famous for its ski resorts (especially Heavenly Mountain and Squaw Valley), but is equally popular for outdoor summer fun.

The lake's largest city is South Lake Tahoe, located on the California side of the lake. Local businesses include a half dozen interesting book stores and over a hundred restaurants.

The nearest neighboring city to South Lake Tahoe is Stateline, Nevada.

West Lake Tahoe gets an average of fifty-five inches of rainfall per year.

The area is dominated by forests of Jeffrey pine, Lodgepole pine, White Fir and Red fir trees.

Points of interest and landmarks around Lake Tahoe include the six-acre Thunderbird Lodge, the Vikingsholm (a mansion on Emerald Bay) and the Ehrman Mansion, a palatial summer home in Sugar Pine Point State Park.

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