Colorful, Clickable Map of United States Quiz

Scroll down for a colorful, clickable Map of United States quiz.

Just guess which state each outline represents, then fill in the map with a single click.

Visit the link shown below for a detailed map of the whole United States.

A map can be defined as a simplified picture of a space.

It shows the relations (like size and distance) between components (like objects and regions) of that space.

Any physical space can be mapped.

Some familiar examples of maps are

POLITICAL maps (depicting countries, states, counties, districts, and cities)

NAVIGATIONAL maps (these include street maps, railroad maps, and nautical maps)

TOPOGRAPHICAL maps (illustrating land elevations and other terrestrial features).

How many of the shapes shown below can you identify? Here's a hint: They are all part of the United States.

Click on any outline for a photo gallery and a detailed map of the place it represents.

If you think you need a little help, a hint is provided below each map outline.

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Map of United States Quiz

Above: HINT - It's mostly Appalachians

Above:  HINT - Dartmouth, UNH, and a whole slew of hockey rinks.


Above: HINT - Home of America's largest city.

Above: HINT - Birmingham and Montgomery live here. 

Above: HINT - One of the Great Lakes bears its name.

Above: HINT - They say everything's big here.

Above: HINT - Not Colorado.

Above: HINT - Everglades

Above: HINT - Raleigh and Mount Airy. The Andy Griffith Show. 

Above: HINT - Blueberries and Pine forests.

Above: HINT - A popular favorite U.S. vacation destination.

Above: HINT - The wildest west.

Above: HINT - More people live here than in any other state.

Above: HINT - Home to more people per square mile than any other U.S. state.

Above: HINT - Popular border town.

Above: HINT - America's tenth state, if you list them alphabetically.

Above: HINT - Difficult to get there by bus.

Above: HINT - Named after islands in Greece.

Above: HINT - The official home of Country Music.

Above: HINT - Mariners.

Above: HINT - Grand Canyon. MLB spring training.

Above: HINT - One of the original Thirteen Colonies.

Above: HINT - Neither Alaska nor Hawaii.

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