Lowrider Art and American Masterworks

Shown below are some fine examples of high-end and lowrider art, depicting America's northwestern states.

The images shown here represent a mixture of classical and contemporary art.

They were selected for their ability to capture the universal "flavor" of a particular state.

Some of these images contain links. Click an image to learn more about the superbly talented artist who created it. Artworks are described in the order that they appear. 

ALASKA: An Eskimo Couple - by Dianne Hendrix

Dianne Hendrix is an Alaskan artist whose paintings and prints depict local scenery. Her subjects include people, seascapes and Alaska's Northern Lights.

Below That: Lowrider graffiti art on a wood fence in Alaska, by Jon Manjeot. 

CALIFORNIA (NORTHERN): Golden Gate Bridge - by K.Sing

K. Sing is a professional landscape artist born in 1964. His lively oils are often for sale on ebay.

IDAHO: Snake River - by Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran (1837-1926) was an American painter from the Hudson River school of landscape artists. His works include scenes from the Rocky Mountains.

Below That: A work of lowrider street art from Freak Alley in Boise, Idaho.

MONTANA: Montana Sky - by Lila Spence

Lila Spence is a western artist who specializes in landscapes and seascapes. Her mood-infused acrylic creations are sometimes available on ebay.

OREGON: Beach Scene - by Royo Liu

Royo Liu was born in 1980 and is a graduate of the Chan Jiang Art School. His boldly colorful oils are renowned for their emotional energy, as well as for their touchy subject matter. Many of Liu's works depict homo-erotic scenes.

WASHINGTON: Seattle 3D - by Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino is an Internationally renowned 3-D pop artist. His bright, whimsical designs are assembled by hand using a special 3D layering technique. His works have been exhibited all over the world. 

Below That: Lowrider Art in the form of a gigantic postcard adorns the wall of a building in (you guessed it) Seattle. 

WYOMING: The New Day - by Roy Kerswill

Roy Kerswill (1925-2002) was an artist from England who came to America in a canoe during a year-long adventure. His mediums of choice were oils and watercolors. His favorite subjects were western historical scenes and Wyoming landscapes. Roy Kerswill published a book entitled, "A Pictorial Story of the Oregon-California Trail."

Below That: A Lowrider Art Mural adorns the side of a building in Gillette, Wyoming. 

To print any of these images for your own personal use, just right click on the image of your choice and select a save option from your drop down menu. This will send the image to your picture file, from where you can reduce or enlarge it as needed before printing.

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