Louisiana Car Insurance Quotes & Comparisons

Louisiana Car Insurance Quotes run high these days, especially if you live in Louisiana. Still, it is possible to pay far below average premiums for car insurance in the state of Louisiana.

Here are the latest stats regarding Louisiana auto insurance, featuring average quotes and company information.

Use this info to help find the lowest cost Louisiana auto insurance package that suits your individual needs.

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auto insurance rates in louisiana

According to Louisiana Car Insurance quotes, the average annual auto insurance premium for a driver in the state of Louisiana was roughly $2,126 this year. This amount flies miles above the overall national average of about $1,365 for the same time period. 

In fact, average annual Louisiana car insurance quotes are currently the 2nd highest in the nation. 

This could be due to a relatively poor economy and high crime rate, combined with the state's notoriously unpredictable weather conditions. 

When insurance analysts calculate car insurance premiums, they consider locational demographics like climate, economic factors, crime rates, DUI statistics, population density, and the local presence of other competitive insurance carriers.

Additional factors affecting auto insurance rates are the driver's personal stats such as age, gender, traffic history, criminal record, marital status, and anything else that might affect driving performance.

minimum liability for vehicles owned in louisiana

In insurance terminology, the minimum requirement each vehicle owned in Louisiana is 15/30/25.

This means drivers are required to purchase no less than $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $30,000 in per-accident coverage, and $25,000 in coverage against physical property damage.

penalties for driving uninsured in louisiana

First offenders caught driving uninsured vehicles in Louisiana face license plate impoundment and a fifty-dollar license reinstatement fee.

Second offenders pay fines of up to $150. Drivers with three or more convictions face fines of up to $500. Stiff penalties are one reason why Louisiana has fewer uninsured vehicles on the roads than other U.S. states.   

louisiana car insurance discounts

Car insurance carriers in most states offer discounts for exemplary behavior behind the wheel. Louisiana is no exception.

Super safe drivers earn Accident-Free Discounts.

Attentive drivers score Good Driver Discounts.

Good Student Discounts are available to young adults with high academic standing.

Other important discounts include

  • defensive driving course discounts (for seniors who successfully complete a class),
  • multiple auto discounts (for owners of more than one vehicle),
  • multiple policy discounts (for holders of more than one policy),
  • passive restraint discounts (for approved safety features),
  • anti-theft discounts (for approved anti-theft devices).

Louisiana residents who still think their premiums are too high sometimes even try to register their vehicles in bordering states.

Louisiana Car Insurance Quotes & Comparisons

The state of Louisiana is home to numerous car insurance carriers, most of them offering competitive rates. Popular options in Louisiana include

  • ABC
  • Geico
  • Allstate Insurance
  • The Hartford Insurance
  • State Farm Insurance
  • 21st Century Insurance

Among the smaller (yet popular) local carriers are Direct General and Insurance Network of Louisiana.

Call several agents near you, and also get a few free online quotes. Be sure to ask each agent about their discounts.

Then compare Louisiana car insurance quotes, select the cheapest policy that fits your needs, and you're done. 

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