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Lil' Wayne is a rap artist who was born Dwayne Michael Carter in New Orleans in 1982.

He released his first album at the age of fifteen with a band called Hot Boys, and recorded his first solo album (Tha Block is Hot) in 1999. 

Lil Wayne Lyrics

All Alone

I Wake Up In The Morning Take A Knee And Thank God,

Then Go To The Mirror Look Myself In The Eyes

Today I Didn't Wake Up With A Woman On My Side,

Yesterday, I Didn't Wake Up With A Woman On My Side

Neither The Days Before That Nor Before That

I Just Remembered The Moments, Call Me Kodak

In All That I Do Miss You But it's your denial

That I Must Hold Against You

Since You Been Gone I Have Been All Alone

But Alone Is Steriod 'cause It Makes Me Strong.

Girl, Her Gone In The Wind,

You Cheated On Godson Baby Girl That's A Sin

But I Forgive You, But I Can't Give You

Another Chance Ma, You Are In My Rearview

And I Put That Ring On Your Finger, I Was All In

But Now It's Just A Symbol Of What Could Have Been

Goddamn; I Know Am By Myself, But

Damn, She Left Me All By Myself, But


I Love My Niggaz, No Homo

I Swear I Hope They All Get Cheese Like D'journo

It's Something About The Hot Boyz That You Don't Know

I Got A Lot Of Love For Them That I Don't Show

And B.G. Been My Nigga Since The Front Door 

I Hope Choppa City Records Blow.. Fa Sho

And Me And Juve Never Really Got Along

But You Still Would Let Your Nigga Come Get On Your Hottest Song

Damn I F*** With You For That

I F*** With You Lil One

And Me And Skip Go Back

And When You See A Really Nigga

You Got Tip Your Hat

And Since Am A Real Nigga

So I Do Just That

I Had My Own Lawyer Workin' On Turk's Case

After I Heard Him Dissin Me On The Mixtape

'cause He's Locked Up And I'm Free

He Got A Lot More To Worry About Than Me

I Aint Tripping

Black Republican

Now this is what they've been waiting for

Ya dig, Santana

Weezy F.

Ay Wayne

What up man

What you been workin' on nigga?

Oh you know, I got Currency's new album

And I'm finally workin' on my album, ya dig

Oh I'm ready to brush my shoulders off and drop my next album too nigga

That's what it is

But dig this, they wanna know what we been workin' on together

That's that "I Can't Feel My Face Shit" they know what

So if they ever thought the South and the North was gonna collide

Guess what, we already did

[Juelz Santana]

I'm feelin' like a black Republican

Naw, I can't call it

More like a black Democrat runnin' 'em out of office

Young Barack Obama, I'm all for it

The Rock of Gibraltar has now fallen, on ya

I protect my land like a farmer

Pockets stay chubby like Tikara

Or should I say fat like the Parkers

Tote big guns like I'm still playin' Contra

Y'all washed up like money that's laundered

Y'all funny, I'm bonkers

Honest, girls strapped to my dick like a harness

Rock star, flier than an ostrich

And I cover east, west, north, south like a compass

I shall shine forever, never tarnish

Money buried behind my house like a garden

All green, my bank account's like a forest

I Can't Feel My Face is gettin' started

And Weezy is my accomplice, ya dig

A black activist like Sonny Carson

Stripes of a sergeant, salute me

And chicks, I get 'em high

Higher than turbulence is

White Phantom, lookin' so Fergielicious

I'm from the city of big drugs and murder victims

It's get rich, go to jail and be a murder victim

Now all y'all listen

If you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen

[Lil Wayne]

I feel like a black Republican

Tote a MAC in the public and

Act so southern n' die for my brethren

Money, money, money

Like money Mac and publishing

One life to live, never ask for a mulligan

Streets cold but the heat make me feel covered in em

Been done had cake day late like Ed Sullivan

Fly like an eagle but no I'm no Donovan

Boy you better go eat some soup with your mom n' them

And my mind is on another continent

I am real Cash Money, no counterfeit

I don't parkin' lot pimp I just politick

Bet I get all in her mouth like polident

New Orleans representa to the inner

Come from the city where the glitter don't glimmer

The sun don't shine and the guns don't sleep

Wake a nigga's ass up like he got somewhere to be


I'm feelin like a black republican drug money comin in

I'm a volcano filled with lava bout to erupt again

I stay with the iron don't make me plug it in

Stay outta rich kid's business don't be buttin in

I stay with a chick that's ready to unbutton it

Forget her tongue she put her lung on it ha

My listerine comes out she start guzzerin

I'm above you dudes I'm hoverin

Juelz why u duckin them duckin who?

I'm in the hood like what it do comfortable

And believe me it's nothin to

Send my london boys to english muffin you

You poodles barkin too much they bringin muzzles through

You aint gully you gullible

Man they need love, they need hugs,

They need church, Jesus

This is jus a sample yea a free drug

The shipment is in, we done re-d up

But I don't trust dudes like a pre-nup

They cockaroaches, they gotta be bug

Maybe cause they them

And we us and we up

I'm ballin fareal ya gotta d-up

I don't hear you boys speak up

What are you guys sayin [?]

I have the chaufeur hold the umbrella over my head when it's not rainin


And we wanna let the world know

This is not a diss song either people

We don't diss them we dismiss 'em, ya dig

Recognize or step aside, ya dig

We let the music talk, Draught 3

And by the way, it's Santana, I'm back

It's Weezy!

You dudes gotta stand in the mirror backwards 'cause you can't face yourself


DipSet for life

Cash Money, whaddup

Young Money

Above: Lil' Wayne in 2018.

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