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This page features U.S. law school rankings from various reputable sources, and also a final ranking based on all of these sources.

Scroll down to see a collection of top law school lists. The first ranking report was compiled by On this list, schools are ranked based entirely on the percentage of graduates who earn at least $160,000 a year at jobs that require passing the bar exam. 

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There are many Law School rankings lists, and many ways to rank law schools. Common measuring systems for top law schools involve LSAT scores, affordability, range of programs, bar pass rates, employment rates, and other factors.

The following law school rankings list of the 50 Top Law Schools from US ranks top law schools based on the bottom line: by the percentage of graduates who either secure long term federal clerkships, or who earn starting salaries of at least $160,000 per year at big law firms. These are the most coveted legal careers. 

Roughly half of American law school grads who passed the bar report earning annual salaries between $40,000 and $65,000. 

The info for the following law school rankings list was obtained from the American Bar Association (ABA). 

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law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings law school rankings 

law school rankings

RANK    SCHOOL                                     CITY                > $160K     SPECIALTY

  1.       University of Chicago                   Chicago, IL         80
  2.       Columbia University                     NYC, NY             77                 high racial & ethnic diversity
  3.       University of Pennsylvania            Philadelphia        75
  4.       Stanford University                      Stanford             73
  5.       Duke University                           Durham              68                 international / environmental / public
  6.       Harvard University                       Cambridge          68
  7.       University of Virginia                    Charlottesville     68
  8.       Northwestern University               Chicago              67
  9.       Yale University                             New Haven         66
  10.       NYU                                            NYC                   65                 international / tax law
  11.       Cornell University                         Ithaca                62                 pro bono work
  12.       University of Michigan                  Ann Arbor           56
  13.       UC Berkeley                                Berkeley             54                 environmental / energy / intellectual prop                                                                                         
  14.       Georgetown University                 DC                     41
  15.       UCLA                                          Los Angeles        41                 good networking connections
  16.       University of Texas                       Austin                39                 renowned trial advocacy program
  17.       Vanderbilt University                    Nashville             39    social justice / intellectual property / int'l / 6 others
  18.       Boston College                             Newton              34                 urban planning / environmental law
  19.       USC                                            Los Angeles        34                 media / entertainment / technology
  20.       University of Notre Dame             South Bend         33                  International law
  21.       George Washington University      DC                      32                 > 20 areas of study
  22.       Washington University                  St. Louis             32
  23.       Fordham University                      NYC                    31                  pro bono work
  24.       Boston University                         Boston                27                  >200 courses with most types of law
  25.       Emory University                         Atlanta                26                  public service law
  26.       College of William and Mary         Williamsburg        24                  oldest law school in America
  27.       University of North Carolina          Chapel Hill          24                   pro bono / affordable in-state tuition
  28.       Southern Methodist University      Dallas                 20
  29.       University of Minnesota                Minneapolis         19.                  library holds >1,000,000 volumes
  30.       University of Iowa                        Iowa City            18                   pro bono work
  31.       University of Alabama                  Tuscaloosa           17
  32.       Washington Lee University            Lexington            17
  33.       Ohio State University                   Columbus            16                 >20 legal specialties
  34.       University of Georgia                    Athens               16                   International law
  35.       University of Kentucky                  Lexington           16                  dual degree programs
  36.       University of Washington              Seattle               16
  37.       UC Davis                                     Davis                 14.                  social justice
  38.       Baylor University                         Waco                  11                   business / healthcare / estate 
  39.       University of Arizona                    Tucson               11                   cheapest law school on the list 
  40.       University of Colorado                  Boulder              11                   dual degree programs
  41.       University of Wisconsin                Madison              11                  100% bar pass rate on first try
  42.       Georgia State University              Atlanta                10                  healthcare law
  43.       University of Florida                     Gainesville          10                  >250 grads are judges
  44.       University of Kansas                    Lawrence            10                  dual degree programs
  45.       Wake Forest University                Winston-Salem    10                  business / criminal / health / policy
  46.       Arizona State University               Phoenix               7                   >250 law courses
  47.       Florida State University                Tallahassee          7                   business / environmental / int'l
  48.       Seton Hall University                   Newark                7    health / intellectual prop / public policy / social justice  
  49.       Louisiana State University            Baton Rouge        6                   civil law
  50.       University of Nebraska                 Lincoln                6                   dual degree programs


top law schools top law schools top law schools top law schools top law schools top law schools top law schools top law schools 

Top 25 law schools

Recently, compiled a list of the top 25 law schools in America for 2017. Their law school rankings were based on LSAT scores, bar pass rates, and employment rates. Here is a list of the 25 top law schools in America, according to 


  1.      Yale University Law School
  2.      Stanford Law School 
  3.      Harvard Law School
  4.      University of Chicago School of Law
  5.      Columbia Law School
  6.      New York University School of Law 
  7.      University of Pennsylvania School of Law
  8.      University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  9.      University of Virginia
  10.      Duke University 
  11.      Northwestern University (Pritzker School of Law)
  12.      UC Berkeley Law School
  13.      Cornell University Law School
  14.      University of Texas at Austin
  15.      Georgetown University Law Center 
  16.      UCLA Law School
  17.      Vanderbilt Law School
  18.      Washington University in St. Louis 
  19.      USC (Gould Law School) 
  20.      University of Iowa Law School
  21.      University of Notre Dame School of Law
  22.      Emory University School of Law
  23.      Boston University Law School
  24.      University of Minnesota Law School
  25.      Arizona State University School of Law

best law schools for black people

Here is a list of Law School rankings for African American people, according to Rankings are based partly on the percentage of African Americans already in attendance at these schools, partly on the school's location, and partly on affordability. Two other law schools have also been added to this list. 

RANK   SCHOOL                                              CITY

  1.      Harvard Law School                               Cambridge, MA
  2.      Howard University School of Law            Washington DC
  3.      Georgetown University Law Center         Washington DC
  4.      Columbia School of Law                         New York, NY
  5.      University of Virginia School of Law        Charlottesville, VA
  6.      University of Chicago Law School           Chicago, IL
  7.       University of Pennsylvania Law School    Philadelphia, PA
  8.       University of Alabama School of Law      Tuscaloosa, AL
  9.      Northwestern University School of Law   Chicago, IL
  10.      Stanford University Law School              Stanford / Palo Alto, CA
  11.      Penn State University Law School           University Park, PA
  12.      Ohio State University Law School           Columbus, OH

law school rankings overall

Of course, which law schools are the best is really a matter of how they are measured. Probably the best way to pick top law schools is to consider the law schools that make every national Law School rankings list. By this measure, among the cream of the crop of top law schools are:

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