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American Indian people, nowadays more commonly known as Native Americans, were the first people known to inhabit the land we call America. 

This country's "first people" are known as indigenous people. 

Shown above, a map of indigenous nations depicting the names and original locations of America's native tribal entities. 

The word 'Indian' was first coined in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, whose lost ships washed ashore somewhere along the east coast, and Columbus thought he had reached India. 

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Above: A map of tribal communities in the US state of North Carolina.

They include the Coharie communities located in Harnett and Sampson; the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Graham, Jackson, and Swain; the Haliwa-Saponi located in Halifax and Warren; the Lumbee located in Hoke, Robeson, and Scotland; the Meherrin band located in Hertford; the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation located in Alamance and Orange; the Sappony located in Person; and the Waccamaw Siouan located in Bladen and Columbus. 


According to the federal government, there are roughly 326 American Indian reservations in the United States and its territories. Dedicated tribal land occupies a total of just above 56 million acres (America's total land mass covers more than 2.43 billion acres). 

The largest Indian reservation in America is the Navajo Nation, spanning a land area of about 16 million acres. 

The state with largest percentage of Native American residents is Alaska. Still, Native Americans are believed to make up less than 1% of America's population today.  

Sixteen US states (most of them smaller eastern states) do not have any federally recognized tribal entities. 

Above: This tribal map of Wisconsin shows the names of the bands of Indians that once lived there, and the areas of land that were inhabited by each indigenous group. Wisconsin tribal entities include the Chippewa, the Menominee, the Dakotas, the Sauk Fox, and the Kickapoo, among others. 

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Above: A picture map of Indian reservations in the US state of South Dakota

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