Free High School Online Courses, Diplomas, and PhD Programs


With free High School Online Courses so readily available these days, you can earn a high school diploma from anywhere in America.

Some online high schools are standard public schools, offering the same academic curriculum as other public high schools in the same state.  

Other online high schools offer programs designed to accommodate each student’s individual goals, needs and learning style.  

A typical online high school environment includes state-certified teachers, and an extensive course catalog featuring AP and honors courses.  

High School diploma earned by way of accredited Online Courses is recognized by colleges and universities all over America.

Like other high school diplomas, and online high school diploma provides access to college and career planning.

Online high school provides students with the empowering opportunity to choose their own learning environments.

For complete details, visit,, or, among others.  If you live in California, try  

The availability of online high schools has increased exponentially over the past few years.  

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High School Online Courses

In addition to independent learning of their topics of choice, students earning diplomas via high school online courses must also take core subjects like

  • English,
  • Math,
  • History,
  • Science (such as Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics)
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • Career Education

Keep in mind that the academic requirements for earning a high school diploma vary from state to state. For example,  

According to the New York State Department of Education, a student must complete the following coursework before earning a high school diploma:

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of Social Studies
  • Three years of Science, including one life science, one physical science and one elective
  • Three years of Math
  • One year of visual arts and/or music
  • Half a year of health education
  • Two years of physical education

This list reflects only minimal expectations.

According to the California Department of Education (CDE), your high school diploma depends on successful completion the following coursework:

  • Three courses in English
  • Two courses in math
  • Two courses in science
  • Three courses in social studies, including American government and economics
  • One course in the visual arts, performing arts OR foreign language
  • Two courses in physical education

The CDE also notes that all public school students will be required to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CHSEE).

Students who decide to attend college are often required to have taken certain courses outside of basic state admission requirements. 

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