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For a reliable healthy weight chart you can trust, valid nutritional info, hundreds of delicious 350-calorie meal recipes, and the secret to a better lifestyle, scroll down to connect to one of the top new e-books on Amazon.

It contains sound advice that anyone can follow to achieve a fit, healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. It also outlines important wealth building strategies.

The book is called DEBUNKING THE FITNESS MYTH (A Ground Breaking Approach to Health, Wealth and Happiness) , by Judee Shipman. It is currently on sale at Amazon for the bargain price of $3.99. Buy it for your Kindle if you have one, or download a copy directly to your computer. Here is the first Amazon review of this important new book:

DEBUNKING THE FITNESS MYTH is a bright new classic of lifestyle-inspired literature. This book is an important new addition to the health, business, and self help genres. It puts forth an organized approach to attaining what we all seek - lots of money, optimal health, and that elusive quality called happiness.


The author makes many provocative statements about things like fitness machines being an advertising scam, why ALL athletes on some pro teams take steroids, and the (literally!) magical power of charity, among other things. But the writer fearlessly states her case, despite the potential backlash.

What's surprising is that this smartly written book offers a very down-to-earth approach that anyone can follow. Strangely, very few people will follow it. Even more strangely, it just might work.

This book is fresh, insightful, and loaded with sound advice. A sharp, humorous writing style ices the cake.

For people of normal metabolism, reaching and maintaining healthy weight requires nothing more than mindful attention and common sense. Most foods are pefrectly healthy when consumed in moderate quantities.

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