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Above: Map of the Great Lakes

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How large are these lakes? How deep? And how's the fishing over there? 

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great lakes FAQ

What Are The Great Lakes? 

America's Great Lakes are five interconnected freshwater lakes that lie between the United States and Canada. 

How Many Great Lakes are there? 

Altogether, there are five Great Lakes — Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, and Lake Superior. 

Above: Great Lakes satellite image map from Google

How big are the Great Lakes? 

The following chart shows the depths, surface areas, and miles of shoreline for each of the 5 Great Lakes:

NAME                MAX DEPTH (ft)           SURFACE WATER (sq mi)       SHORELINE (approx)      

Erie                    210                                9,910                                    210 miles

Huron                 748                              23,000                                  3,827 miles

Michigan             923                              22,300                                  1,600 miles

Ontario               804                                7,340                                    712 miles 

Superior           1,333                              31,700                                 2,726 miles 

10 fast facts about the great lakes

1.  The Great Lakes contain more than one fifth (21%) of all the surface freshwater on earth. 

2.  In total, the Great Lakes hold 6 Quadrillion gallons of water! That's enough to immerse the entire US mainland in water 10 feet deep.

3.  The total surface area of the Great Lakes is larger than the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire combined! 

4.  The Great Lakes have a total of more than 10,000 miles of coastline. 

5.  Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake on earth. 

6.  Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is located entirely within one country. 

7.  The Great Lakes are bordered by 8 US states — Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

8.  Major cities surrounding the Great Lakes include Chicago Illinois, Buffalo New York, Cleveland Ohio, Toledo Ohio, Green Bay Wisconsin, and Milwaukee Wisconsin, among others. 

9.  Primary connecting waterways of the Great Lakes include the Calumet River, the Detroit River, and the Niagara River.  

10.  Native American (indigenous) people from the Great Lakes region included the Chippewa, the Huron, the Fox, the Iroquois, the Ottawa, the Potawatomi, and Sioux Indians. 

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