Good Resume Writing Made Easy for Everyone

Good Resume Writing just got a whole lot easier. 

This page features a free professional resume template. Just follow the easy instructions shown here. 

Open a word document and type an error-free professional resume, using the sample template shown below. 

Your Name

Your Street Address

Your City, State and Zip Code

Phone Number (including area code)

(skip a space)

Your email address

(skip 2 spaces)

Type the word "RESUME"

(skip 2 spaces)

Education: List highest grade level completed, name(s) of school(s), and fields of study, starting with your most recent educational experience.

Employment HistoryList from-to dates of each job, as well as job titles, job responsibilities, reason for leaving, and the name and contact info for each employer. Start the list with your most recent job. 

QualificationsList any and ALL skills you possess that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Try to list at least half a dozen skills or more.

Applicable skills may include administrative skills, interpersonal skills, special skills, and even desirable personality traits like attention to detail, reliability, or a positive attitude.

At the bottom of your document, type: 

References available on request

Words in bold type on the resume template shown above should be added to your resume as you see them.

Smaller words in italics are instructions for you to follow, but should not appear on your resume.

For optimal formatting, use the alignment shown here.

In other words, the heading is centered, and the listed details are aligned to the left. Part of Good Resume Writing is proper formatting.

Here's a sample:

John Smith

5555 Smith Road East

Smithville, KY, 56565

Phone: 555-555-5555



Smith Advertising College (2010-2013)

University of Denver - Physics major (2006-2010)

Smith High School - Diploma (2005)

Employment History:

Smith Elementary School

Smithville, KY

After school teacher (2010-2013)

Reason for leaving: relocated.

Employer: Joe Jones 555-444-3333


Denver, Colorado

Cashier (2006-2010)

Reason for leaving: relocated.

Employer: Sue Chen 555-222-1111

Sam's Car Wash

Smithville, KY

Attendant (2005)

Reason for leaving: College.

Employer: Sam 555-999-8888


Teaching, Writing, Management, cash register expertise, computer literacy, bookkeeping, car washing, customer service skills, positive attitude, accuracy, integrity, and reliability. 

References are available on request.


It's okay, by the way, to make slight changes in your resume for each submission. Remember to list only skills that are applicable to the job for which you are applying.

On a final note, if you are not the best speller, have your resume spell checked by a competent HUMAN spell checker.

That's really all there is to Good Resume Writing. 

Good Resume Writing Checklist

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