Free Work From Home Ideas in HAWAII


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Or scroll down to see how easy it can be to work from home in the state of Hawaii.

Here are five solid home business ideas that you can start yourself, from your own home office in Hawaii.

However, these tips can generally apply to residents of any U.S. state.

Five Free Work From Home Opportunities

1. Online Sales

Some home business entrepreneurs earn livings buying and selling products and services online.  The best websites for this type of business are ebay, etsy, craigslist, and Amazon.

Successful sellers know how to purchase goods in like-new condition, priced below wholesale. 

You can find some amazing bargains at local yard sales, thrift shops, and statewide factory outlets.

Hawaii's most major discount factory outlet is the Waikele Premium Outlets in Waipahu, featuring 53 prime discount stores to choose from.

2. Scan Craigslist.

It's the closest you are likely to get to a FREE Work from Home opportunity.

Click on your geographical area, click on Jobs, and also check the Gigs section.

Apply for all jobs that apply to you. You can also apply to other regions, as long as the work is online.

Form well crafted intro letters with each reply. Create a Professional Resume.

The key to success in finding steady work on craigslist is to check the site every day. 

3. Contact Big Businesses.

These days, major corporations have many from-home positions to offer, as this saves the company money in the cost of office space, among other related costs.

Available positions that don't require special skills include phone work, organization, product sales, marketing, promotion, data entry, and internet research, to name a few.

Positions requiring special skills include engineering, programming, writing, translation, and graphic design, among others.

Here's a list of Hawaii's top 10 largest employers:

  1. Hawaii Pacific Health is the state's largest employer, with 5,800 workers presently employed.
  2. Starwood Hotels supports 5,500 employees.
  3. Hilton Hotels employs 5,400 people.
  4. The Queen's Health Systems has 5,281 workers.
  5. Hawaiian Airlines has more than 4,900 employees.
  6. Kaiser Foundation employs roughly 4,570 people.
  7. Hawaii Electric Industries supports about 3,870 workers.
  8. Securitas Security Services has 2,500 employees.
  9. Bank of Hawaii employs more than 2,300 people.
  10. Kamehameha Schools employs well over two thousand people.

4. Build a Website.

Building your own website is a better than FREE Work from Home business strategy. 

Look up web building packages online. A well made SEO website can cost thousands, but a site you built yourself from a DIY instructional software package should cost no more than $300 a year to maintain. 

It pays to do this yourself. 

5. Be a Freelance Professional.

Here are some examples of businesses you can start from home in Hawaii:

  • Tourism Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Souvenir sales
  • At-home Childcare
  • At-Home Elder care
  • Dog Walking / Pet Sitting
  • Home Delivery
  • Housework
  • Yard Work / Gardening
  • After School Workshops
  • Internet Research

No matter what you choose as your business, advertise your services online for free wherever possible. Ebay and craigslist are good places to begin.

Also take advantage of community bulletin boards in your neighborhood, and contact everybody on your email list. 

If you have a good idea and a willingness to make it work, your home business will return a handy profit. 


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