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Anchorage? Fairbanks? Been there. Done that.

When planning your next Alaska vacation, why not consider the artsy little town of Halibut Cove as a must-see destination?

Halibut Cove is located in the beautiful Kachemak Bay State Park on the Kenai Peninsula, about six miles southeast of Homer.

The Cove is a lesser known, off-the-beaten-path, enchanted little hideaway with a year round population of less than fifty people.

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In fact, the entire town of Halibut Cove is so small that the United States Census Bureau does not recognize it as a town. Halibut Cove is known on census records as merely a "Census Designated Place" (CDP).

Roughly one third of the town's residents are professional artists, so the community is alive with local shops and businesses.

Halibut Cove is home to no less than three art galleries.

The town also features a floating post office, where you can stop on your way to the floating coffee shop.  

Kachemak Bay State Park is Alaska's oldest State Park, spanning roughly 400,000 acres. Spectacular attractions include mountains, glaciers, forests, coastline and ocean. The Cove is swimming with sea otters, harbor seals, porpoises, and a number of whale species.

The town of Halibut Cove is accessible only by boat. However, despite the inconvenience, Halibut Cove is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Still, Halibut Cove remains a peaceful sanctuary and a quiet spiritual retreat, as the local residents have a long standing tradition of maintaining the area's serene and natural beauty.



The total land area of Halibut Cove is only about eight square miles.

The ZIP code of Halibut Cove Alaska is 99603.


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