Free Printable Diplomas, awards, certificates

Scroll down to find an assortment of free printable diplomas in many subject areas.

Shown below is a multi-purpose certificate template for outstanding achievement in general.

This award can be used for anything from getting good grades to winning a sporting event, or any other unique accomplishment. 

Perfect for any school or organization, this award is a great way to show appreciation for those who have earned it.

Simply right click on the image, select SAVE from your drop-down menu, and save the image to your picture file for future use.

Then, stock your printer with your favorite fancy stationery paper (gilt gold trim is usually a good choice), and print the award.

Here are some of America's most (in)famous weird awards:

1) The Ig-Nobel Prize:

Awarded each year to "serious" academic researchers who waste the largest amount of our hard-earned tax money on the stupidest imaginable research projects. Five recent recipients were a research team in Switzerland who determined — by experiment — whether it is better to be smashed over the head with a full bottle of beer or with an empty bottle.

2) The Darwin Awards:

Awarded posthumously to people who got themselves killed in the stupidest possible way. For instance, two men in their 30s won the award after dying of head injuries when the game of "chicken" they were playing on their motorcycles resulted in a tie.

3) The Golden Raspberry:

The opposite of the Academy Awards (Oscars), this award is given for the worst of the worst in films that year. A recent recipient was Lindsay Lohan, voted "Worst Actress" for her role in "I Know Who Killed Me."

Other inappropriate awards include those given to the winners of eating contests and smelliest feet competitions.

Visit any of the links shown below for access to an assortment of other free printable items. These include puzzles, coloring pages, sheet music, tattoos and pretty much all things printable. 

Free Printable Diplomas, awards, certificates, and more

See the links below for access to an assortment of other free printable puzzles, coloring pages, awards, sheet music, and more.





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