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Birthdays are a popular and significant part of our American culture. Different cultures designate certain birthdays as special coming-of-age ceremonies. Here are some examples:

  • A Jewish boy's bar mitzvah or a Jewish girls bat mitzvah, which typically takes place on the child's 13th birthday. 
  • In North America, families often mark a girl's 16th birthday with a "Sweet Sixteen" celebration.
  • In Latino countries, the quinceƱera celebration traditionally marks a girl's 15th birthday. 
  • In the Philippines, girls on their 18th birthday and boys on their 21st birthday celebrate what's called a debut.
  • In some Asian countries that follow the Zodiac calendar, there is a tradition of celebrating the 60th birthday.
  • Japan has a "Coming of Age" Day for young men and women when they reach the age of twenty.

Scroll down to see a free printable birthday card. You can either print it out and mail it the old fashioned way, or email your loved one a link to this page.

To print this card, just right click on a chosen image and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu. This will save the images to your picture file.

When you are ready to print out the card on your favorite card stationery, you might want to first select PAGE SETUP from your FILE menu, in case you need to reduce or enlarge the image, adjust the page margins, and select the proper paper orientation for best printed results. 

Print out one of the images. Then turn the printed page over, put it back in the printer tray, so that the next image will appear on the other side.

Fold the card carefully in half, trim the edges if desired, inscribe a personal hand written note, and you're done! 

Click on the link below for access to a wide assortment of other free printable items. These include puzzles, coloring pages, awards, maps, sheet music, tattoo designs, and more.

Free Birthday e Cards

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