Fathers Day Crafts and Other Great American Gift Ideas

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This page features cool Fathers Day Crafts for kids to create, as well as a free printable reusable calendar for the month of June.

June's official birthstone is the pearl (shown above), a symbol of health and longevity.

June is the sixth month of the year and has 30 days.

In the United States, June holidays include Flag Day (June 14th) and Fathers Day (3rd Sunday in June).

June is also associated with longer daylight hours, the largest number of weddings, the first day of Summer, and Gay Pride celebrations.

U.S. states admitted to the Union during the month of June were Arkansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Scroll down for a creative collection of easy yet inventive craft ideas for Fathers Day projects.

For more project ideas, calendars, tattoo art, and other designs, visit any of the links shown on this page.

Below: These cool cuff links are as easy to make as they look, with a super cute and playful result.

Just buy the cuff link hardware from any jewelry store, craft store, hardware store, or ebay. Glue one fastener to the underside of each Lego block. Let the cuff links sit for a few hours so the glue will dry.

More Fathers Day Crafts

Below: These Fathers' Day Suit cards are as cute as can be.Here are the simple, step-by-step instructions.

1. Place a piece of paper horizontally on a table.

2. Carefully fold the outer edges inward so they meet in the middle. Press to make a crease.

3. In the same manner, fold the top corners downward to make the collar.

4. Cut out a paper necktie and glue it to the inside of the card so it is visible when the card is folded shut.

5. Add real buttons and a little square pocket to the jacket.

6. Use your imagination to personalize the card.

Below: To print this Fathers Day coloring page, just right-click on the image and select a save option from your drop-down menu. This will SAVE it to your picture file for future use, where you can reduce or enlarge it as needed. Then print it out and start coloring.

Below:  Right-click on the calendar image and save it to your picture file.

Below, More Fathers Day Crafts:  Click on the image or the link shown below for a free, printable, full size chess set just like the one shown here.

Go here for More Fathers Day Crafts

Hit this link for a Free Printable 3-D Chess Set

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