Fashion Stores Online and Factory Outlets in America

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The best way to access Fashion Stores Online is to visit eBay. However, there are wholesale factory outlet stores all over America. Scroll down to the links below to view a detailed list of factory outlet malls by state.  

Factory outlets carry a huge assortment of quality items, including apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods, music, toys, gourmet foods, furniture, bedding, and more. 

Even most factory outlet stores have commercial websites, so you can visit Fashion Outlets Online any time.

However, items from factory outlet stores are a lot less expensive than they are at retailers. So visit your local outlet malls (or go online) to get affordable, high end, quality items of every kind.  


This page features a detailed list of factory outlet malls in the state of Nebraska. The state of Nebraska is home to at least 2 factory outlet malls, as well as a number of surplus wholesalers in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. 


nebraska Fashion Stores Online and off

Factory Stores of America is a mall located in Nebraska City, featuring 6 factory outlet stores to shop through. Here's a current list of stores:

  1. Bon Worth
  2. Dressbarn
  3. Easy Spirit
  4. Kitchen Collection
  5. Van Heusen
  6. Vanity Fair / Wrangler / Lee

For store hours, driving directions, and other crucial info, call 402-873-7727 during regular business hours. Or visit the company website at to buy high quality merchandise online.  


Nebraska Crossing Outlets, located in Gretna (near Lincoln), has 55 factory outlet stores to choose from. For a mall map and more info, call 402-332-5650 during regular business hours. For fashion stores online in Nebraska, visit their website at 


Also worth a visit are more than a hundred Nebraska surplus wholesalers, such as:

  • US Foods
  • TNT Hair Explosion
  • Well's Blue Bunny
  • Sudanese African Food
  • Sweet Fantasies Chocolates
  • Purple Cane Road Rootbeer
  • Pepsi Beverage Company
  • H Olafssen International
  • Old Home Bread
  • Variety Bulk Vending Services
  • D&D Foods

to name just a few of many popular wholesale distributors in the Lincoln and Omaha areas.


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