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This page links to facts about famous Spanish people, famous African Americans, famous Native Americans, and other noteworthy individuals who helped shape U.S. history. 

Also see demographic data pertaining to the people and population of the United States of America. Scroll down and click on any of the links on this page to learn more about each state and its people.


Indian Reservations shows a detailed list of tribal lands in each state - reservations, tribes, populations, land area, photos and links.

Indian Tribes is a list of Federally and state recognized Native American tribes.


Famous Native Americans displays some compelling images, including one of the most surprising photos ever found. 

Famous African Americans brings you to a list of notable African Americans, as well as their professions, dates of birth, and the states where they grew up.

Here's a list of twenty Famous Spanish People from all walks of life, and from throughout World History.  Of course there are more than twenty world famous Spanish people.  These are just a few familiar favorites who strongly influenced American culture, in one way or another.

Famous Spanish People

Above: Ruy Lopez de Segura, Spanish priest and world class Chess Player.

image credit: baskchess.rs

Seve Ballesteros (Golfer)

Antonio Banderas (Entertainer)

Pedro Carrasco (Boxer)

Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote)

Hernan Cortes (Explorer)

Penelope Cruz (Entertainer)

Salvador Dali (Artist)

Manuel de Falla (Composer)

Xavi Hernandez (Football Player)

Ponce de Leon (Explorer)

Hernando de Soto (Explorer)

Pedro Duque (Astronaut)

Enrique Iglesias (Singer)

Ruy Lopez de Segura (Chess Champion)

Severo Ochoa (Biochemist)

Julio Rey Pastor (Mathematician)

Pablo Picasso (Artist)

Joan Manuel Serrat (Singer)

David Villa (Football Player)

Jose Zorrilla (Poet)


POPULATION by STATE offers a list of states, along with each state's current number of residents and population density.

SMALL TOWNS invites you to discover the quaint charm of America's rural landscapes, and the handful of people who live there.

KIDS IN AMERICA provides state-by-state data on the number of kids in America, and a link to kids coloring pages.


AMERICAN SENIORS links to a state-by-state breakdown of America's senior population.

LIFE SPAN shows a thought-provoking (if not meaningful) list of states, ranked in order of average life expectancy for the residents of each state.

FAT-SKINNY STATES offers alarming statistics that raise some important questions about national health issues.

STATE HEALTH RANKINGS provides an up-to-date, state-by-state report on the general health of state populations.

AVERAGE IQ SCORE BY STATE is a list of states ranked by the supposed average intelligence of the residents of those states.


STATE GOVERNORS is an up-to-date list, headed by a US map showing each governor's political affiliation.

STATE SENATORS is a state-by-state list of senators currently in office, along with a collection of political cartoons. 


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