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Elgin Community College (ECC) is one of the most frequently searched colleges in America, according to a recent internet keyword search of United States colleges. 

Elgin is a public two year community college in Illinois. The college, which was founded in 1949, currently maintains an enrollment of more than 15,000 undergraduate students each semester. 

The school primarily serves the counties of Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, and McHenry. Altogether, these counties are home to more than 300,000 residents. 

Elgin is one of the colleges in the Illinois Community College System. The other 13 schools that operate within the ICCS are: 

  1. DuPage Community College
  2. Harper Community College
  3. Joliet Community College
  4. Lake County Community College
  5. MacCormac Community College
  6. McHenry County Community College
  7. Moraine Valley Community College
  8. Morton Community College
  9. Oakton Community College
  10. Prairie State Community College
  11. South Suburban Community College
  12. Triton Community College
  13. Waubonsee Community College

ECC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 

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Above: The main campus building at ECC

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Elgin community College Q&A

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Elgin Community College.

1. Where is Elgin Community College?

The main campus of ECC is located in Elgin, Illinois, which is conveniently situated less than 50 miles northwest of Chicago.

The college also has additional learning centers in Burlington, Hanover Park, and Streamwood. 

Here is the official visiting address of the ECC campus:

Elgin Community College

1700 Spartan Drive

Elgin, Illinois


2. What types of degrees are offered at Elgin Community College?

ECC awards Associate of Arts degrees, as well as a number of vocational certificates for career and technical programs. Here is a list of Associate degrees awarded by ECC:

  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Engineering Science
  • Associate in Fine Arts
  • Associate in Music
  • Associate in Liberal Studies
  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Associate in Science

3. What courses and programs are offered at Elgin Community College?

Students enrolled at Elgin can choose from many dozen career and academic programs. 

For example, here is a list of the career and technical programs offered at ECC: 

  • Accounting
  • Automotive Technology 
  • Business Administration
  • Clinical Lab Technology
  • Communication Design
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts & Hospitality
  • Dental Assisting 
  • Digital Technologies
  • Education
  • Emergency Services 
  • Energy Management
  • Health and Wellness Management
  • Histotechnology 
  • Human Services
  • HVAC Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology 
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Medical Imaging 
  • Music
  • Nursing 
  • Paralegal
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Surgical Technology
  • Truck Driving
  • Welding

Here is a list of some of the most popular vocational training courses at ECC:

  • Administrative Office Assistant
  • Advanced Entrepreneurship 
  • Bakery Supervisor
  • Certified Forklift Operator
  • Cook
  • Digital Forensics
  • Fire Science
  • Machine Tool Operations 
  • Mold Making
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Design

...to name only a few. 

Above: A shot of the ECC campus

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4. Who should attend Elgin Community College?

Elgin is an appropriate choice for Illinois residents of any age who want to save money on their college educations, especially those who live in the greater Chicago area. 

ECC also features numerous skilled trade certificate programs for people who want to join the workforce immediately after graduation.  

Especially, ECC is appropriate for the older generation, as the school hosts a special "Age 50 Plus" program for older students who wish to rejoin (or continue) in the workforce. 

ECC also features veteran's services. 

5. Why attend Elgin Community College?

Here are some good reasons to enroll at ECC:

  • ECC has an open admissions policy
  • A community college is a cost effective alternative to entering a university as a freshman. 
  • ECC is fully accessible to the city of Chicago. 

6. How much does it cost to enroll at Elgin Community College?

According to the ECC website, the total cost of tuition and fees to enroll at the college is:

  • $129 per credit hour for district residents, and in-district internet students
  • $434.49 per credit hour for out of district residents
  • $260 per credit hour for out of district internet students
  • $497.79 per credit hour for out of state and international residents
  • $310 per credit hour for out of state and international internet students

Other fees may also apply. These may include application fees, enrollment fees, testing fees, course fees, technology fees, and lab fees, among others. 

Financial aid may be available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and work study programs, to help students pay for their educations at ECC. 

Shown above: The Health, Life, and Sciences building at ECC

image: kahlerslater.com

7. How long does it take to earn a degree from Elgin Community College?

For a full time student at ECC, it should take about two years to earn an Associate's degree. 

However, roughly four out of five students enrolled at ECC attend the college part time. In these cases, the process of earning a degree can take twice as long, or longer, depending on each student's personal schedule. 

8. What is the Elgin Community College campus like?

ECC is located about 2 miles west of the Fox River. The campus spans 145 acres, and contains a number of academic and administrative buildings. 

Campus attractions include a renowned Visual and Performing Arts Center, as well as an Events Center, a Business Center, and the beautiful Lake Spartan, among others. 

However, there is no on-campus student housing available at ECC. 

The athletic teams at ECC are called the Spartans. The school colors are blue and white. Student intercollegiate athletes play for the NJCAA and the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference.

Men and women at Elgin can choose from a variety of varsity sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country 
  • Golf 
  • Soccer 
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

There are also quite a few non athletic campus organizations at ECC, such as an Anime club, a Black Student Association, a Chinese club, an Engineering club, a Gamer's club, a multicultural club, and many others. 

Shown above: The Events Center at ECC

image credit: dohertygc.com

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9. What is the Elgin Community College neighborhood like?

Elgin is a walkable town, so a personal car is not often needed. ECC is located about three miles southwest of downtown Elgin. 

Public transportation is available. 

The neighborhood is also easily accessible to the great city of Chicago. 

Above: Downtown Elgin, Illinois

image: flickr.com

10. What are the distance learning options at Elgin Community College?

ECC has many online courses available through the Desire2Learn program, a popular Learning Management System (LMS).

Here is a list of online classes currently available at ECC: 

  • Accounting
  • Advanced Medical Imaging
  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Clinical Lab Technology
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Economics
  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Health Professions
  • History
  • Hospitality Management
  • Industrial Manufacturing Technology
  • Japanese
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Office Administration Technology
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Theater
  • Welding

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11. What is the contact information for Elgin Community College?

You can reach the main campus office of ECC in Elgin by calling 847-697-1000.

To reach the Admissions office of ECC, call 847-214-7385. 

To contact the financial aid office at ECC, call 847-214-7360. 

To speak with someone in the Athletics Department, call 847-214-7515. 

To inquire about online courses at ECC, call 847-214-7945. 

Above: The lounge at ECC

image: ihcconstruction.com

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