Easy Recipes for Dinner

There are certain Easy Recipes For Dinner that everyone loves. One of them is Fresh Steamed Maine Lobster.

(Hey, we said it was easy. We didn't say it was cheap.) 

Maine is famous for the biggest, freshest, juiciest, most flavorful lobsters on earth, and lobster festivals are popular throughout the state.

The taste of fresh lobster is to die for. Its taste bears a passing resemblance to crab, but lobster is richer, meatier, smoother, juicier, and sweeter, with an ever-so-slightly buttery aroma. 

The best (some say ONLY!) way to eat these beauties is steamed whole and served with lemon and drawn butter (melted butter with the fat skimmed off). 

Still, many a lobster lover will note that a fresh Maine lobster needs no accompaniment, and should be served plain. 

how to eat a lobster

Some people prefer the juicy tail meat. Others like the tender claws.

More adventurous types go for the innards, which include a green, liver-like substance with a mild livery taste, and (if you’re lucky) the pastey, bright orange roe, which tastes like hot caviar. Don’t be afraid to try these. They’re an important part of your total Maine lobster experience. 

Here are some easy instructions for eating lobster.

  1. Make drawn butter by melting some butter in a microwave, and skimming the fat off the surface of the melted butter. Add a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Put on a lobster bib.
  3. Using towels or napkins to protect your hands, twist and pull off the tail of the lobster.
  4. Using a sharp knife, make a lengthwise cut down the underside of the shell, and easy the lobster meat from the shell. 
  5. Twist and pull the two large legs off the body of the lobster. 
  6. Break these pieces into segments. 
  7. Pull the "thumbs" off the claws. 
  8. Use a nutcracker to crack open the large part of the claws, and ease the lobster meat out of the shell.
  9. Using your hands, break the thinner parts of the legs in half, and pick out the meat with a cocktail fork. 
  10. Using a sharp knife, make a lengthwise cut down the underbelly of the body of the lobster. Here is where you'll find the liver, and possibly some roe. 

You may argue that Maine lobsters are shipped live all over the U.S., and so it doesn't matter where you find them.  But the biggest, juiciest, freshest, healthiest lobsters are snapped up by Maine fisherman and local consumers before they ever leave the dock.

If you really want to eat a Maine lobster, there’s no place like Maine.

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how to steam a lobster

Here's how to cook a fresh steamed lobster.

1.  Buy a live lobster at the seafood market. If you're squeamish about killing it, have the person at the market kill it for you.

2.  Set up a large, deep pan with a fitted lid.  Put 2 quarts of water in the pan.

3.  Turn the heat on high until the water is boiling.

4.  Place the lobster in the water and close the lid securely.

5.  Cook for about 20-25 minutes. When done, a lobster turns bright reddish orange.  

6.  Remove the lobster from the pot with a pair of tongs, and place it front side down on a large platter.

7.  Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges.

8.  Serve with drawn butter.  

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